Keeping Motivated During the Home Stretch

How is it possible that it is already December? It feels as if I began my semester and my internship with Bravo just yesterday when in reality it was over three months ago!

Whether you are a student or a working professional, it can be hard to maintain passion vigorously over extended periods of time. Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard many individuals make remarks about how they lack motivation for certain classes or projects simply because they’ve been drawn out for so long and their passion has evaporated. Everyone can relate to having the obligation to complete something but completely lacking personal interest in that specific task. However, if you are to flourish in whatever social environment you find yourself, whether it be a class, job, or internship, it is vital to channel motivation from within to deliver a high-quality outcome or product. There is a big difference between meeting a deadline and presenting work that reflects honest dedication.

Public relations is the perfect solution to this type of dilemma. As an industry where you are always managing different tasks simultaneously, it is practically impossible to feel bored or unsatisfied. However, there may come a time when you manage one client or campaign over a long period of time and your personal drive can lull Your personal drive can lull. It’s necessary to renew your sense of passion, both for you and your client’s sake. Keeping a positive attitude will reflect in your work ethic and job performance. This notion becomes all the more important when you represent another party or organization.

It’s evident that PR will keep you motivated and provide you with a job of diverse activities, creating an exciting and inspiring routine. As my internship with Bravo comes to a close, I will keep this idea with me. I have learned and experienced so many different facets of the industry here, and I’m excited to retain both the passion and skills that I’ve garnered.

Julia Maltz || Wayne Office


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