PR Words of Wisdom

I’ve spent much of this internship learning about the Public Relations industry through hands-on task assignments. Learning by doing is a great way to get real-life experience, but sometimes it’s nice to take a minute and ask a seasoned worker in the field about their experience as well. I had the opportunity to ask my internship mentor, Ivana, about her experience working for Bravo Group as an Account Executive. I asked Ivana a series of questions and shared her responses to a few of them below:


  • Can you briefly describe your role?
    As an account executive, my primary role is to execute public relations and advocacy campaigns for clients in the life sciences, education, energy, and financial industries.

  • What is your favorite part of your job?
    One of the things I’ve learned about the firm is that if a client hires an advertising firm, they would be told to advertise. If a client hires a lobbying firm, that’s the only solution.When clients come to Bravo, they get our campaign-style approach. In cultivating all these talents under one roof, we are able to offer a holistic approach and set of tactics that makes sense to client’s individual battles from advocacy to PR to government relations. I truly appreciate the various experience that each Bravo staff brings to the table.

  • What skills and traits do you look for in new, entry-level hires?
    For me, a positive trait for a new hire is the willingness to do more than your job title or description. This desire to contribute allows you to keep learning about the company and improve your skills.

It was great to hear these authentic responses from Ivana because they also contributed to my learning about PR. The sole purpose of her job is not to get the job done. Rather, it is helping a client to find overarching success in their objective through a series of tactics. That’s what distinguishes Bravo’s campaign style approach. Success is not instant. It is a gradual process that entails dedication and attention to detail. As someone trying to penetrate the PR field after graduation, having such guidance is very inspiring.

Julia Maltz || Wayne Office


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