I’ve Got a Million Things to Do and I Love It!

If you want a career in  the Public Relations industry, having not only a tolerance but a love for multitasking is essential. You are always on the move and can never predict where your next task, client, or business meeting will take you. I crave this type of fast-paced, dynamic work environment. I think I would lose my mind if I were sitting in a cubicle for hours on end with nothing to do, feeling like my potential was wasting away.

In order to succeed in multitasking, one must first master time management. Often times, you will be faced with a series of tasks of equal importance, and you will have to allocate your time accordingly. This challenge is easier said than done. It is hard to divide your attention to give each task the focus and effort it deserves, so you don’t end up feeling rushed or producing mediocre work. College was a great time for me to perfect my time management and multitasking skills. It was hard at first to juggle five classes that had nothing to do with each other, let alone internships and jobs on top of that. However, multitasking is key to finding new opportunities. If you learn to balance your time wisely, you can excel in multiple areas.

As I write this, I am en route to Bravo’s Harrisburg Office, where I will be shadowing different departments, such as Creative and Publishing, for the day. This is such a great opportunity because while Bravo offers these services as a whole, I do not always get to witness the activity in person from the Wayne Office. Bravo’s intern program gives us the opportunity to experience all aspects and services of the firm, symbolizing integration and multitasking at its finest.

All work and no play can get a little stressful of course. Multitasking is important to all facets of live. It is important to apply yourself at work and school, but it’s just as vital to grant yourself the relaxation and rest you deserve.

Everything in moderation leads to the ultimate success and efficiency. The key is balance.

Julia Maltz || Wayne Office


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