6 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule

Did you know the number one reason people have for not exercising regularly isn’t lack of motivation or lack of exercise know-how, but lack of time?

I think almost everyone here at Bravo can relate to this struggle. With a job as fast paced as PR, it’s hard to find the time to exercise. Add in the fact that all of us interns are also full time students and it makes this task rather daunting.

So when I started this semester, knowing that I wouldn’t have a lot of time, I did some tests and developed these 6 tips to help anyone who’s as busy as I am meet their exercise goals!

Start small

When you’re first getting started, it definitely seems like you’ll never be able to find enough time to workout every day. So start small! Find just 5 minutes in your day to do some simple exercises, such as jumping rope, doing sit ups, or taking a short jog to the coffee shop. Then try to turn it into more! Maybe the next day you jog to the coffee shop and back, giving you a 10 minute workout. Before you know it, you could be up to the full 60!

I’m also a huge fan of the micro-workout. These small, 5 or 10 minute workouts can fit into your day easy, but because they’re high-intensity, they actually do wonders for your body. You can find samples of these all over the internet. Try fitting them in during your lunch break or, if you don’t mind looking a little silly, while you’re stuck standing in lines.

Schedule your workouts

One way to make sure that you get your daily workout in is to schedule them like you would a meeting, and then treat them like you would any other appointment. So if you have your workouts scheduled for 6 PM and your friend asks you to go to dinner, don’t move your workout, ask your friend to go later instead. If you specifically book time for your workouts every week, then you’re more likely to go than you would be if you just try to fit them in at the end of a long day.

One way to make this stick is to start putting your money where your mouth is and book classes. This way you have money on the line; if you miss your class then you’ve lost $15. Do this enough and it can really start to add up. Plus, classes can be a fun alternative to simply going to the gym every day.

Do what you enjoy, not what you hate

It’s no secret that certain types of exercise aren’t for everyone. For example, going to the gym every day feels monotonous to me, and it’s a struggle to make myself go. However, one of my closest friends loves going to the gym and feels absolutely invigorated by the idea that she gets to go to the gym every day. So moral of the story: do exercises that you enjoy and then it won’t feel like just another task on your to-do list.

You may be wondering how this helps you fit exercise into your busy schedule. Well, while this doesn’t help you create more time in your life, it can help you manage your time more effectively to make sure that you fit workouts into your spare time. You see, we all make time for down-time activities such as watching some TV or browsing social media before bed. If you’re looking forward to exercising, then you’ll find time for it to instead of pushing it off because you think you don’t have time.

Start your mornings earlier

Personally, I don’t get back to my room at night until 10 PM, which leaves very little time for exercise (and very few gyms that are actually open that late). So one way that I found time to exercise is to wake up a little earlier in the morning and start my day with a workout. Not only do you actually get time to exercise, but there are less people at the gym early in the morning (which means more time on the machines!), and your workout will give you a little boost of energy to start your day.

Turn your TV time into exercise time

I talked earlier about how we always find time to watch our favorite TV shows or browse social media during our day. Since it might be hard to give up watching Scandal every Thursday night in order to go to the gym, why don’t you do both?

There are plenty of exercises that you can do on the floor while watching TV that are actually very good workouts. You can even take these to the next level by investing in some weights and a fitness ball and incorporating them into your TV workouts!

When in doubt, make it short, sweet, and productive

I know I was guilty of skipping exercising some days because I couldn’t commit to a full 60 minutes. I thought that a 30 minute workout would be a waste of time because everything you read tells you that you need to be exercising for 60-75 minutes a day. However, it turns out that once you get into this habit, it’s very hard to get out.

That’s why my advice to you is that consistency is more important than length. It’s better to go to the gym for 20 minutes than not at all, because not only are you building that routine, but you’re also doing something other than sitting at a desk all day. There are also ways that you can modify those 20 minute workouts to really make them count, such as the micro-workout, so you can still make progress towards your fitness goals even though you can’t commit to 60 minutes every day.

Catharine Gaylord || Wayne Office


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