You’re Never Too Old to Learn

I recently had a few interviews for post-graduation jobs and it dawned on me, Wow, this is truly your last year of college! The revelation that I am a senior is incredible for me to believe at times. It’s hard to say exactly where I will be in a year. There are many routes one can pursue out of college, whether it be attending graduate school, getting a job immediately upon graduation, taking the time to travel, or fulfilling a personal goal. It’s crazy that our society asks for about twenty years of education, and then poof, suddenly we’re out in the world on our own, ready to spread our wings. The process of a job search is certainly stressful. As students, we’re used to deadlines and predetermined amounts of time. If you can’t stand one of your classes, at least it will be over at the end of the semester. If you’re worried about an exam, there is time to plan ahead. Our world up to this point has been structured. When it comes to finding a job, there’s technically no deadline. People constantly move on to new opportunities in the working world. It’s our task to take the initiative and join them.

So, how can you help prepare for your future when it’s finally time to leave the nest? It helps to have studied a field of interest in which you want to pursue a career. Having internships with real life experience is the other key resource that students can take advantage of. In many of the recent interviews I have had, prospective employers always comment about the benefits of having a few internships under your belt. A lot of students tend to think that an internship can only showcase the industry that you will pursue in your future career. But they can also demonstrate a line of work that maybe you thought you liked and it turned out not to be the case. All experience, whether positive or negative, is worthwhile in the long run.

While it’s important to prepare for the future beyond college, it is also just as necessary to remain optimistic and know that you’re opportunities are not bound.  Lots of people worry that they will be forced to pursue one industry for their entire lives. We need to remember that people grow and discover new passions all the time. My favorite case is that of my father. He studied biology and ending up opening a used bookstore. Maybe it would have helped to major in business administration, but years later, he is a happy and successful entrepreneur regardless.

So, seniors, we have one semester left. Help yourself out by getting as much experience as you can, but remember, you’re never too old to learn. I can say with confidence that I love the field of public relations and aspire to find work in this industry. I’m excited to see where my path ultimately leads me. We’ve reached a point in our lives where it’s time to finally live outside of the guidelines. Or we make up those guidelines ourselves. And that’s okay.

Julia Maltz || Wayne Office

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