Top Five Ways Social Media has impacted my #PR Career

Top Five Ways Social Media has impacted my #PR Career

My generation has grown up with social media. I set up my Facebook profile when I was 13, and have been keeping up with the trends and applications ever since. At first, it was a just a way to share pictures, news articles, and jokes with family and friends. But as I’ve learned more as a public relations student, social media is actually a useful tool for establishing yourself as a PR professional.

Here are some of the ways using social media has helped me:

  • Writing Succinctly. As you know that tweets can only be 140 characters long. When I first started tweeting, I would write tweet after tweet, and every time, the tweet would be too long to send. Eventually, I learned how to target my message better, write clearer, and edit better, and tweeting became a breeze. Learning how to edit my tweets down to fit the Twitter requirement has taught me a great deal about editing, and “getting to the point.”
  • Social media clues you into the “hot button” issues of the day. If it’s trending, people are talking about it… and you need to know it!
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. People can say much harsher things when they’re hiding behind a computer screen, than in person. You may receive unpleasant comments or adversaries when you run a social media account for a company, business, or cause. But, you can’t let the negative comments bother you, and social media also offers you an opportunity to answer to naysayers directly.
  • Social media, especially Twitter, can gain you professional visibility. Tweeting about relevant issues and communicating with companies you are interested in potentially working for shows that you are interested and informed in what they do.
  • As a PR major, I know that my social media channels are accessible to my future employers. Social media is a snippet of how you choose to present yourself, and knowing that has made me more aware of the importance of professionalism.

Allie Galoozis || Harrisburg Office


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