11 Apps for the Busy Intern

Being an intern is a balancing act; there are many different tasks that you must complete within a specific time frame in order to be successful. Add in the fact that all of us interns here at Bravo aren’t just interns – we’re students, presidents of extracurricular activities, resident assistants, and more – and the whole thing can get quite overwhelming.

With all this going on, it’s pretty obvious that staying organized is critical to being successful and staying on top of all of your responsibilities. But what if you’re not a naturally organized person? Don’t worry, there’s still hope! Thankfully, we’ve moved past the days of pen and paper organization and moved into the 21st century, where there are apps that can help you get organized in just about every aspect of your life.

Here are 11 apps to help whip you into shape! All of these apps are 100% free and are available for both Apple and Android.

Organize Your Classes:

  • Quizlet Quizlet lets you stay on top of your studying by creating flashcards for each of your classes. You can study the flashcards themselves, or branch out and studying using Quizlet’s games. You’re also free to share flashcards with others and take your study groups to the next level!
  • MyHomeworkMyHomework helps you stay on top of all things school related by keeping track of your homework, tests, and class schedule all in one place! MyHomework will even remind you when deadlines are approaching and when things are overdue. You can also download your syllabus and other class documents right from the app so that you never misplace a thing!

Organize Your Finances:

  • MintIf you’re having trouble sticking to your budget, then Mint is definitely for you. Mint helps you put all of your financials in one place. You can see credit card balances, student loans, bank accounts and more, all on Mint. You can also set goals, which Mint will then help you meet by telling you how much you need to save per month to reach them in time. Mint will even send you reminders when you have bills coming up so you never miss a payment!
  • Stocard – As a college student, you need to take advantage of every possible way to save money. However, carrying around a million rewards cards in order to do so just clogs up your wallet. Stocard helps you organize all of your rewards cards by storing them on your phone, and even sends you location-based alerts so that you know when to use them!

Organize Your Fitness:

  • Lose It Trying to manage your health? Lose It helps you to keep all your fitness-related information in one place by allowing you to track your calorie intake, exercise, and more. Lose It also allows you to set goals and makes personalized plans for you to be able to meet them!
  • 8Fit – If you’re anything like me, you have a bunch of workouts that you want to try randomly bookmarked on your computer and no way to organize them. 8Fit changes this by sending you daily personalized workouts that change depending on how you’re performing. 8Fit even sends you notifications when you’ve missed a workout to try and get you back into the swing of things!

Organize Your Thoughts:

  • Easy Voice RecorderEveryone has moments when they remember something they need to do and then, before they can write it down, they forget all about it. Easy Voice Recorder can help by allowing you to record ideas right as you have them! You can also take Easy Voice to class and record lectures to make sure you don’t miss any important details.
  • EvernoteIf you don’t like recording your thoughts but still need a place to keep all of your notes, try Evernote! You can make notes, checklists, and even store research all in one place. Plus, easily organize everything by sorting notes into folders.
  • Pocket – Pocket works with apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Chrome to take all of those articles and videos that you want to read/watch and save them to one place so you can view them later! You can even tag articles and videos to organize them and help to find them later.

Organize Your Life:

  • Trello – Trello helps you keep all of your lists in one place with it’s unique “board” system. Create a board for different aspects of your life – such as classes, work, personal, etc – and then fill each up with tasks that need to be completed. You can even set due dates and get notifications when tasks are close to being due! Trello also allows you to collaborate with others; you can add people to boards and assign them tasks which works great for group projects!
  • Google Calendar – Google Calendar allows you to see everything you need to do at once. You can color code events to help differentiate between work, school, and personal and even set reminders so that you never forget an appointment! Google Calendar also works on all devices and syncs quickly so that you can add an appointment on your phone and see it on your tablet in seconds!

Catharine Gaylord || Wayne Office


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