Who Do We Represent? Who Don’t We Represent?

A huge benefit of working in the public relations industry is the vast array of clients you get to interact with. Just one agency can provide a multitude of services for a diverse group of clientele. Bravo, for instance, specializes in public relations, government relations, and advocacy. It has garnered clients from several industries, including healthcare, energy and pipeline, education, financial, and more. Some agencies may be recognized for specializing in one kind of service, such as crisis management, event planning, or market research, or serve clients of a given industry.

The fact that PR is so varied in all it accomplishes is a huge advantage for a student such as myself looking to pursue a career in the field. At this point in time, I would love to end up managing accounts and represent multiple clients. Managing different accounts allows you to see how certain industries function. After having been at Bravo for just about a month, I can assure you that I’ve worked with clients that represent many fields. I have gotten to witness how  Bravo’s multiple services unfold from within the agency. Bravo utilizes a campaign-style approach to provide services for its clients, but this does not mean that campaign approaches are identical by any means. Of course you aren’t expected to be an expert on everything. The key is collaboration. Success comes from learning and communicating together. Bravo hosts “Lunch & Learns,” continuing education forums for its employees on a firm-wide basis pretty regularly. I had the opportunity to participate in a session last week on transmission and pipeline distribution. It was a very insightful experience. The way you craft a message for an energy company is not necessarily the way you will organize a message for an educational institution. That aspect of variety, of having the opportunity to apply different skills to the appropriate client, is what I love about PR.

It’s all about being fast-paced and dynamic to get the job done.

Julia Maltz || Wayne Office

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