Google’s Hidden Secrets

The world’s favorite search engine has a funny side. Google has been known to have Easter Eggs, hidden interactive messages that you need to “search” for. This could be just a clever rewording of your search or a full-fledged arcade game replica. We can all agree that the designer of these Easter Eggs has the best job ever. Here’s a couple of their most clever and fun ideas.

  • Become a trivia master by searching “fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious.” Google will randomly generate a question that you probably don’t know the answer to. My fun fact was that Antarctica is actually classified as desert because so little moisture falls from the sky.
  • Search for “recursion” and Google responds with the a repeated similar answer “Did you mean: recursion.”
  • Video game nerds will enjoy typing the Star Fox command “do a barrel roll” and the page will spin just as the ships do in the game. Searching “z or r twice” will also spike this result because these were the commands you used on the controller to do a barrel roll (fact checked by my older brother).
  • Search “askew” or “tilt” and your search results page will be on a slight angle.
  • Bored at your desk? Search “zerg rush” for a little game. Your screen will be attacked by “o”s and you must click to destroy them. Be quick or they will eat up your search results.
  • Another game is “Atari Breakout.” Click “images” after your search and a full-fledged arcade Breakout game will be on your screen. Turn your volume down if you don’t want to get caught at your desk playing computer games.
  • Travel back in time and see how Google operated on its first day open for business. Search “Google in 1998” and your results will show a 90’s Google page.
  • Search for “Festivus” and a Festivus pole appears on the left of the screen. In case you don’t own a television, this is a reference to a Seinfeld episode.
  • Google-owned YouTube has some secrets of it’s own. Search for “use the force luke” and your search results will be levitating thanks to the fictional force referenced in Star Wars.

Grace Rzodkiewicz  || Pittsburgh Office


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