Always Looking Forward to Tomorrow

20150828-IMG_5497Courtesy of The Pulse: Messiah College Media Hub

A lot of people get nervous when major changes are about to occur in their lives. To me, it’s exciting! I always look forward to what tomorrow will bring. In high school, I couldn’t wait to start college. Now, in my last semester of college, I’m so excited to dive head-first into the “real world.” Sure, finding a job can be a challenging and grueling process. But I have faith, I trust in my abilities and experiences, and I look forward to that new stage in my life.

Hi, my name is Alexandra Coonradt, but you can call me Ally.

I’m a final semester senior and a public relations student at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pa. I’m originally from Harrisburg (yes, the actual city, not just the suburbs), but I do now reside in its quiet suburban life. I’ve had experience being the Social Media Manager for The Pulse, a multimedia organization at Messiah College, and I am currently its Student Director where I lead a staff of 20 in radio, magazine, yearbook, and online content. I also served as the Communications and Public Affairs Intern for one of Bravo’s clients, The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP).

 the pulse group

The Pulse: Messiah College Media Hub

Courtesy of The Pulse: Messiah College Media Hub

My specialties include event planning, leadership and management, social media marketing and engagement, public relations writing, and crisis planning. I hope to grow that list with every experience I have!

My most exciting experience was getting to provide social media coverage for a NASA and Orbital Sciences launch on Wallops Island, Virginia in October 2014. Not only did I have the opportunity to geek-out over my love of space, I also got to witness a rocket launch…and then watch it promptly explode and come crashing to the ground. Terrifying, yes. Exciting, absolutely!

ally antares coonradt

This photo was obviously photoshopped, but I think it really captures the excitement of the week.

Courtesy of The Pulse: Messiah College Media Hub

I love working with kids, so I dedicate my free time to volunteering at an inner-city youth organization. I also love dogs, laughing, anything that glitters, food, I recently just started writing novels, and I love exercise (although, I don’t do it as often as I’d like).

dogs 1

My girls: Lena and Winnie

I have a natural inclination to take on new and exciting tasks which is why I’m so happy to work at Bravo Group. My excitement was through the roof when I found out that I had been hired to work Tuesdays and Thursdays at their Harrisburg office.

I knew that I would be challenged, that every day would be different, and that I would gain invaluable experiences and connections at Bravo. I look forward to the endless possibilities that tomorrow may bring!

Ally Coonradt – Harrisburg Intern – Fall 2015


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