Why Design Matters

The first thing that drew me towards design was the way that it makes things make sense. A typical problem, “How do I get an audience to read this brochure?” Answer: Smart design. A few techniques to achieve smart design is engaging typography, appropriate use of white space and quality imagery.

1. Design evokes feeling

When communicating a message, a design can be used to ironically contradict the message, support the idea, or create a balance of visual tension. Designs can cause a viewer to feel something about the content they are viewing without even reading or understanding the content yet.

For example, which of the two business card examples below make you feel more motivated to get to know the individual behind the card? Hopefully, you answered the one on the right. The left card gives a sterile, unfriendly vibe. For the card on the right, there is a warmer, more organized and inviting design, with an implied call to action as the phone number on the bottom right.

business-card-example_Business Card 1business-card-example_Business Card 1 copy

2. Design helps people identify what belongs together

Personal Branding

Why do so many people want to create a personal brand these days? Our digital culture allows an individual to have more than one outlet; social media, website, resume, etc. With the options and accessibility to multiple platforms, a brand is almost required to be a common denominator. When your online portfolio and your printed resume have opposing design elements, this puts doubt in your audience’s mind that the same individual is behind these two pieces.

Business Branding

Developing a brand for a business applies the same theory to a personal brand, helping the audience know what belongs together and giving them confidence that they can expect the same experience/service across the board.

3. Design gives a first impression

Not only does branding give customers a sense of what belongs together, but it also more often gives a first impression. For example, more often than not a potential customer will go to your web presence even before considering stepping foot into your shop or office. The importance of design is to not only make the customer feel as they want to further a relationship with you or your brand, but to also help them find what they are looking for on your website, which takes us back to the first point: design makes sense of things.

Whether you are in a creative field or not, consider the importance of design in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Meg Dobinson | Harrisburg

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