Career Fairs Offer More Than Just Jobs

Whether you’re an employer or in search of a job, career fairs serve as a great way to network. This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the career fair for my own university, Saint Joseph’s, and represent Bravo Group. In the past I have gone to the career fair in search of potential internship and job positions, but it’s a different experience seeing how things work from the other side of the table as an agency representative. I went to the fair with Anna Idler, the Research Specialist at our Wayne Office.

It was so energizing seeing students’ curiosity not only about a future internship, but also about what Bravo does in general. Anna provided insights on Bravo’s unique campaign-style approach and her experience with both the communications aspects of Bravo and her research expertise with Omega Group.  I was also able to share my experience as Bravo’s PR & Communications intern. We were told by students that they really appreciated the insights from the perspective of both an employee and an intern.

Career fairs are such invaluable events because they offer a cluster of so many industries within one venue. Bravo does not restrict the academic majors of those considered for an internship. This is one of its unique identifiers in regard to both its interns and clients. Bravo’s clients represent many sectors, including education, energy and infrastructure, financial services, cause-related services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and transportation. Bravo is able to serve such a diverse array of industries because of the various skills offered to clients, including public relations, government relations, creative services, and audience research. Bravo is truly not your average agency.

This multifaceted approach is reflected in Bravo’s interns as well. While it helps to have prior experience from relevant courses, students are not necessarily all Communications Studies majors. They may be looking to enter the industry or gain experience, and an internship serves as the ideal way to do so. I cannot tell you how many students we talked to at the career fair who were pursuing degrees in all sorts of different fields – English, International Relations, Marketing, Business Administration, etc. Still, they all shared an eagerness to learn about Bravo’s work. It reiterated the fact that public relations is such a diverse industry.

Me at the Saint Joe’s Career Fair representing Bravo Group!

It was so rewarding to be able to participate, both to witness the value of a career fair and give my input as well. Some students were seeking an internship with Bravo, some wanted to learn more about its work, and some simply wanted to hear about the public relations and advocacy industries.  

The end result of a career fair does not simply have to be a job. Students can utilize career fairs to find internships, meet key players in their industries, and receive great interview and networking experience as well. This week taught me that essential experience exists both inside and outside of the office.

Julia Maltz || Wayne Office


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