Becoming Bravo

Hi Everyone! My name is Allie and I’m a senior at Penn State University. I’m a public relations major with a minor in history. I love all things “events”- whether its past, present, or future, I have always had a knack for observing, reacting, and commenting on the things going on around me. Though my major and minor combination seems strange to most, for me, both fields of study have given me the opportunity to do what I love most- analyze, and react!

I’m originally from Newport News, Virginia, a small town near Virginia Beach. I have a passion for cooking, which comes from my Greek heritage and large, tight knit family. Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? To answer your question in advance- Yes, my life is really like that.

My love for cooking was taken to the next level last semester, when I was assigned a blog project for my public relations class. After racking my brain and asking myself a million times “what’s most interesting about me?”, I realized that cooking is what I most love sharing with others. I also love to write, so combining those two passions into blog form was awesome. This summer, I had the opportunity to take a cooking class in Florence, Italy, which was an experience of a lifetime!

“Graduating” from cooking class in Florence, Italy

When I’m not studying or cooking, you’ll find me hanging out with my friends. The things that make me the most excited are: my future career in communications, politics, guacamole, bike rides, and all things Penn State.

This fall, I’ll be interning at the Bravo Group’s Harrisburg office. I first met Bravo Group employees last semester at the Penn State Job.Comm career fair. I was blown away by the program and how friendly everyone was!  After receiving an internship offer and learning more about what it means to be a Bravo intern, I could hardly wait to start!
Can’t wait to update with all I have learned!
Allie Galoozis  || Harrisburg Office


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