Coming and Going: Harrisburg Edition

In choosing to go to Drexel and participate in the co-op program, I knew there would be many opportunities for me to travel and gain real-world professional experience. So far, my co-op has taken me to Indiana, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg. While it has been exciting and unexpected, there are also feelings of being unsettled at times during co-op. As soon as I start to feel “at home,” it’s time for my next adventure. I’m constantly coming and going.

This is not always a bad thing. Now that my co-op with Bravo Group is sadly coming to a close, my next adventure is taking me back to Drexel for my fourth year.  I need to get used to the classroom again and turn over the 6th floor intern desk to the next round of Bravo Harrisburg Interns.   

Here are my tips on what to expect as the next intern with the Harrisburg communications team:

  • Keep your Google Drive organized or it will become a nightmare finding that one media advisory you drafted six weeks ago.
  • Follow up calls aren’t always fun, but they do pay off.
  • Capitol runs are a great excuse to get out for a walk: productive and refreshing.
  • Keeping a spreadsheet of your time hour by hour everyday is SUPER important and helpful when Monday comes and you need to submit your timesheet.
  • Even if you haven’t heard of an issue before, you will certainly become interested in what clients support.
  • Stay up to date on national news and celebrity news – both are discussed often.
  • Be prepared to have a weekly Le Tote showcase – Bravo likes to dress to impress.
  • Candy runs to floors 2 and 8 are necessary.
  • It doesn’t matter how exciting or boring your weekend was, everyone shares their story.
  • Bagel Fridays, post-vacation treats, and random “here’s some extra cookies I didn’t take to the party” all happen on 8, but you have to get there early.

It’s pretty clear that my co-op has been nothing short of fun and educational. Hopefully this won’t be the only six months I spend at Bravo Group.

Ariana Stroman | Harrisburg


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