Best Apps for College Interns

It can’t be disputed, we live in a digital world. Our smartphones, laptops, and tablets are constantly in use. College students are probably even more connected with social media, college-specific platforms, and online homework applications.

It seems a bit much, but I think it is a great thing! Being digitally connected means we can stay in touch with our peers and the world, and we can get work done faster and more collaboratively.  The problem is that there are so many apps and platforms out there, that it’s hard to know which ones are the best.

As a veteran intern (I’m on internship number 4), I took the liberty to select the best mobile apps for college interns to stay connected the right away.

  1. Twitter— I’m much more knowledgeable about what’s happening in my communities and the world because of Twitter. I follow Drexel University, Entrepreneur Magazine, national journalists, Time, PhillyVoice for Philadelphia-centric news, and 475 more people and organizations. You get minute by minute updates from your friends, your college, your favorite news outlets, and more.
  2. LinkedIn— LinkedIn is great for searching for internships, connecting with your internship supervisors or family friends in your desired field, and having an online resume. It is also a resource to keep in touch with all of the people you meet at networking events.
  3. CamCard— If you do gather lots of business cards at networking events or career fairs and you want to compile them in your phone, CamCard is the app to use. Take a picture of the business card and have it automatically stored in your phone. Other cool features include exchanging cards with others (no more forgetting your cards) and accessing CamCard from any device.  
  4. Any.Do (Andriod) or TeuxDeux (iPhone)— Being an intern and a student (and working part-time and being in student orgs) can be tough to handle. I love hand-writing to-do lists, but having pen and paper isn’t always feasible. Any.Do and TuexDuex are list-making mobile apps with daily reminders and encouraging messages when you cross tasks off your list. 
  5. Google Drive— This is probably my favorite application EVER. Create and store documents, pictures, and other files on Google Drive and have access to them on any device. Better yet, you can share files with anyone to ease the pain of collaborative projects.

Ariana Stroman | Harrisburg


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