Farewell Bravo, I’m Clocking Out

As my days at Bravo slowly count down, I began reflecting on all the experiences I have gained throughout this internship. I started off the summer a little nervous and a little shy, uncertain I would be able to complete the tasks that were asked of me. Now, I feel confident walking into work and comfortable with those I work with. It seems that once you finally get comfortable somewhere it’s time to leave– just like graduating college which is also right around the corner. But Bravo has prepared me for life outside the comforting walls of Saint Joseph’s and I feel more qualified and confident as a young professional making her way into the working world.

An internship should provide positive experience, advising, and encouragement, and that’s exactly what Bravo has offered me. I learned how to pitch a story to the media, conduct efficient research, and write concisely for blog posts and article summaries.  I was not only advised by my intern adviser, Ivana, but everyone I’ve encountered at Bravo, and they were encouraging the whole time.

The first blog post I wrote discussed mantras of daily inspiration. At the end I mentioned my hoped of having more to add to my list once the internship was over. Well I do! Here they are:

1. Surround yourself with the people and environment you enjoy.
The people you work with and the environment in which you work can make a huge difference in productivity and comfort. Your environment can either influence you to work hard or slack off. Similarly, the people you work with can encourage perseverance through projects or procrastination. Bravo has offered me a comfortable place to work where people are continuously at work, encouraging even the worst procrastinator to keep going.

2. Keep busy.
Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and relax, but for the most part it’s important to stay busy. Typically, I’ll crave days where I have absolutely nothing to do, but then once that day comes I crave productivity. Bravo has showed me that PR is the right path for me because there’s always something to be working on.

3. Admit when you have no clue what’s going on.
There’s no shame in having no idea what’s being asked of you. I remember coming home from school confused about something and my mother would say “Well why didn’t you just raise your hand and ask?! There’s no harm in having questions.” There have been a few times this summer when a project has come my way and I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to be doing. After a few hours of working, you just have to come to terms and ask questions. Every time I did, I felt so much better and had a clear direction for my work. Thanks Mom, I learned my lesson.

4. Look towards the future while remaining in the present. It’s easy to get swept up in daydreams and thoughts of the future.
Whenever I learned a new skill this summer, I immediately wondered where it could go on my resume or help me at a future job. Even though it’s great to consider the future , it’s important to remember that right now is the present. So stay focused on the right now and enjoy!

I want to exclusively say thank you to Bravo for the incredible internship experience and for giving me this opportunity. I will carry all the skills I have gained as I enter my last year of college and, soon, the working world and build upon them in the future. I hope to stay in contact with everyone I have met and someday work with Bravo again! But for now, I’m clocking out.
Emily Smedley | Wayne Intern

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