You’re a Product of Your Environment

Now that my time here at Bravo Group is starting to come to an end I have started to do some reflecting about my experience (mostly for a five page paper I have to write for school). This reflection has not only shown me how my skills have grown, but how much my workplace preferences have changed and how important these preferences are to my productivity.

Before Bravo, I worked at a job where I was on my feet for eight hours a day, had minimal access to a phone or computer and was primarily outside. I also had very little interaction with co-workers. I always found myself leaving work very tired and usually in a bad mood. Instead of standing I now prefer my comfortable desk chair.

Looking back on my time here at Bravo, I am almost always leaving work feeling productive, happy, and just as peppy as I did walking in. I think that has a lot to do with my work environment, so I decided to do some research on how exactly the working conditions you have affect you and your work.

I recently read a study by Prakash Marpady and Dr. Mohan S. Singhe that surveyed female employees to see the influence their work environment has on their employee performance. According to the study 92% of the women surveyed felt that team spirit and motivation made a large impact on their performance. What I found was both physical and social environments are key factors in employee productivity. From the color on the walls, to who they are seated near, employees are more productive the more comfortable they feel.

While researching I also learned that satisfaction with a work environment all goes back to a person’s preferences. For example I prefer to work in natural light and music playing in the background. But everyone is different.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are a product of your environment: make sure your environment makes you feel comfortable and energetic about your work.

Courtney Garloff, Bravo Group Creative Intern-Harrisburg Office


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