The Anticipation of Graduation

During the years as an undergraduate student, graduation seems like a far off, exciting, yet semi-haunting reward. Actually, make that far far off and extremely haunting… But once senior year arrives, it seems like it’s right around the corner. The hustle and bustle to accomplish everything you had originally set out to achieve begins. You start asking the questions, Why didn’t I become class president again? Why didn’t I double major and minor? Why didn’t I make time for five internships? Why didn’t I start my own company?

As a freshman, I was so eager to walk across the stage, claim my diploma, and switch my tassel from right to left. Now that graduation is actually drawing near, I keep trying to figure out where the past three years went and how I managed to get through my course load.

With all the Bravo interns entering into their last semesters of college, I wanted to take the opportunity to ask them their feelings about graduation and future plans.

Q. What are your feelings about graduating this year?

“Graduation is something I am trying to avoid talking about.  I will be handed much more responsibilities and life will not be so happy go lucky.  With that said, however, I am ready for the new challenges that await.”– Tyler

“I am very excited to graduate. Having the co-ops, internships, and other experiences I’ve had have prepared me for the “real world”. I will certainly miss being able to make my own schedule though.”– Ariana

“For me graduation is bittersweet, I’m ready to enter the workforce and start life outside of school, but at the same time I’m nervous and sad about leaving all the amazing people I met while in college.”– Courtney

Q. What are your immediate plans for post graduation?

“I have always said that I want to spend the beginning of my career working in politics, whether it be at a state or national level.  The ideal scenario is to obtain a job before graduation and spend the summer leading up to it working in some capacity and playing a lot of golf.” — Tyler

“It’s a little ways off, but what I imagine that I’ll do is take an international trip for a week or two, and then hopefully start working. I plan to start applying for jobs before graduation, since I will be graduating early and not long after finishing my final co-op.” — Ariana

“I plan to search for a job and also coach middle school track and field.” — Courtney

Q. Has going through the Bravo Group internship  influenced your plans regarding your future career?

“Bravo has reaffirmed my interest in working in government and public affairs.  Additionally, Bravo has shown me that it is important to surround myself with good people, wherever the future takes me.  Working with good people ultimately reflects positively on performance.”– Tyler

“Most definitely. I find myself loving the fast paced atmosphere and the ability to work with many different clients in an agency setting. I’m not sure if I’ll always work in communications, but at least I know actually have the skills to do it.” — Ariana

“Being here at Bravo has reaffirmed for me that I am in the right industry and has helped me find the type of work environment that I want to work in once I graduate. Interning here has also given me a lot of confidence in myself and my skills.” — Courtney


As for me, I also have mixed feelings about graduating. On one hand, I’m excited to get outside the protective walls of Saint Joseph’s University. But I’m also nervous for what the real world has to offer me. One speck of comfort has been the experience of going through the Bravo Group internship. This internship has affirmed that I would like to pursue a career in public relations and has allowed me to refine my skills and gain the confidence needed to tackle life after graduation. Bravo has prepared me for post graduation in more than one way– I now feel more comfortable in an office environment and working with a team, am confident in my abilities as a writer and researcher, and relish in my new knowledge of the media. I’m excited to take these skills and experiences and use them in my future endeavors.

Emily Smedley | Wayne Intern


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