No Such Thing as Offseason

It’s July. The sun is out and the weather is warm. Notice how many “out-of-office” automatic emails you received.

Summer is a slow season for many industries. Think of it like offseason for football or ice hockey. But at Bravo Group, our employees and clients are hustling and bustling all summer long.

Let’s consider a Bravo client, Commonwealth Connections Academy (CCA). CCA is a public cyber charter school for kindergarten to 12th grade students in Pennsylvania. During the school year CCA is providing students with a quality virtual education, while working with students and their families to promote the school through their own stories.The Bravo public relations team works with CCA to draft and pitch stories about students, teachers, and the school to news outlets. The team also pitches stories to media outlets and asks them to attend school events.

When the academic year ends, CCA doesn’t shut down and Bravo doesn’t stop working for them. The perk of being a virtual school is that there are always opportunities to keep students, parents, teachers, and media engaged. CCA encourages students to continue learning during the summer months through flexible classes, at-home learning activities, and reading programs. The school also hosts information sessions for parents to learn what CCA has to offer.  The Bravo PR team thinks of new stories to pitch, talks to students about cool things they are doing, updates their contacts for the new school year, and finds ways to be more involved with the school.

Other academic institutions may slow down in the summer, but our work certainly does not. I found this to be true with other Bravo clients as well. My internship didn’t come to a halt in June; I’ve been working with multiple clients on media pitching, research, and strategizing throughout the summer.  That’s truly a testament to the passion and drive Bravo Group executes all year long.

Ariana Stroman | Harrisburg

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