Purpose, Not Profit

A life without purpose is like a meal with no flavor. Why even bother? Life can be  so busy that it’s easy to get caught up in everyday problems and solutions. It’s easy to stay safe and skim across the surface. But just working for the outcome can create a feeling of emptiness. Focusing on the accumulation of purpose rather than profits challenges you to dive deep into the depths of the world’s problems, and possibly get a little closer to solving them.  The average human lives 27,375 days, so there’s no time to waste on things that don’t matter to you. Find purpose in your life and let that purpose flow into your work.

I recently read a book that stipulates this idea– that success is equivalent to significance. The Promise of a Pencil: How An Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change, written by Adam Braun, is the story of a man who went from working at a reputable financial company to immersing himself in the issue of global education. This man turned $25 into 200 schools and learned what can unfold when opportunity strikes. Braun predicted he would find happiness from amassing such wealth and materials but what he actually felt was emptiness.

“At the time, I had everything I thought would make me happy– the job, the apartment, the life. My closet was full of impressive corporate clothing, and my business card carries the name of a prestigious company that garnered respect in every room I entered… But deep down inside, I was no longer enamored with the life I’d created. The only purpose I was serving was self-interest.”

Throughout the book, Braun always comes back to the same idea– the more significance you bring into your life and the more you incorporate it into your work, the more you will be successful. In modern society, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that income level designates one’s level of success. According to those terms, only a mere 1.1 percent of the global population is successful. I know there’s more success in the world than that! By measuring success in purpose not profits, fulfillment will invade your life and encourage the betterment of society.

Purpose is integral to the Bravo Group structure. We’re not merely a public relations firm. We focus on advocacy and significance in all of our works and efforts. Bravo is responsible for civil acts such as achieving clean air in Pennsylvania and making prescriptions more affordable. I’m really proud to intern for a company that works towards significance and positive change in the world. It keeps me focused on my own work ethic and aspirations for the future.

I’ll leave you with words of wisdom from Adam Braun: “The purest joys are available to all of us, and they’re unrelated to status, recognition or material desires. I clearly had a lot to learn…”

Emily Smedley || Wayne Intern

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