Bravo Energy: A Blueprint for Success

When I first started at Bravo, I heard a lot of talk about our Energy Practice, but I didn’t think much of it.  However, after being here for two months, it’s clear that our lasting effect in the industry stems from the firm-wide commitment to the practice.  From our services in the expanding natural gas pipeline plans across Pennsylvania to ultimate end consumers, we use our expertise for clients at all steps of the process.

With Pennsylvania repositioning itself as an energy leader, it has been particularly interesting and rewarding for me to be involved with Bravo’s Energy Practice.  Coming into my internship at Bravo, I wanted to develop knowledge and passion on a particular topic or issue that I could carry with me in my future professional career.  With energy being a huge part of what goes on in the Pittsburgh office, it seemed to be the perfect fit.

Whether it be researching legislation, writing content for clients, or developing proper strategies, it has all been a worthwhile learning experience.  Thanks to our Pittsburgh team and the rest of the firm, I now feel as though I can speak knowledgeably about the energy industry and those individuals and businesses who it affects – something that I feel is particularly important as the industry becomes more and more a part of Pennsylvania’s makeup.

As the industry grows, so does that of Bravo’s energy practice.  Specifically, I have noticed the Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council (PCIC) taking form and becoming an even more influential advocate for the industry.  As an end consumer of natural gas products, the chemical industry’s continued success can, in part, be credited to the growing Pennsylvania energy industry.  Managed by Bravo, PCIC has added four new members since I started and continues to improve the overall business climate through lawmakers and regulators.

Additionally, the recently established Pennsylvania Pipeline Infrastructure Task-Force will feature Bravo’s own Jeff Logan.  As President of PCIC, Jeff will be present on the workforce and economic development work group of the task force.  Jeff’s position is representative of the years of experience that Bravo brings to its clients in the energy sector.  With knowledge of the industry and a tough campaign style approach, Bravo is highly regarded amongst industry leaders.

I took the opportunity to speak with our Energy Practice director, Adam Pope, on the successes of the practice.

Q: What makes Bravo’s Energy Practice so effective?

I feel what makes Bravo’s Energy Practice so effective are two things: our approach and our people. We bring a campaign style approach to all of our client’s projects. Essentially, all energy projects are campaigns. They can either be won or lost.  

Secondly, we have an extremely experienced and passionate team that comprises the Energy Practice. We possess a significant amount of industry and regulatory knowledge and we truly believe in what the energy industry is doing for Pennsylvania and this country.

Q: Where do you see the Energy Practice in a few years?

I think that Bravo’s Energy Practice will continue to grow and we will further position ourselves as one of the premiere firms to assist energy companies both in the northeast and other parts of the country. I am extremely happy with where we are and couldn’t be more excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.

As I look back at the beginning of my internship at Bravo, the energy industry in Pennsylvania was something with which I was very curious, but knew little about.  Thanks to the Bravo approach and team members, I consider myself to be well-educated on energy industry topics and issues. Because of its importance on a state and national level, I will continue to learn about this growing industry.

Tyler Gilbert ~ Pittsburgh Intern

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