New Task Force Energizes Pennsylvania Natural Gas

I’ve always been the type of person that never really thought a lot about energy and how we get it. I always just expect the light to come on when I flick the switch or the stove to come on when I turn the knob. My time here at Bravo has really made me think about exactly how we get our energy and the systems we use to make that happen. Governor Tom Wolf is also thinking about the state’s energy infrastructure.

On Wednesday July 22nd the first meeting of the Governor’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force was held in Harrisburg. The group’s mission is a stakeholder-driven effort, to develop policies, guidelines and tools to assist in pipeline development. This will include planning, permitting and construction as well as long-term operation and maintenance. These ideas will then be presented in a report to the Governor by February 1st. Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection John Quigley heads the task force.

Guidelines and best practices will be generated by the 12 different workgroups that the main task force committee oversees. Each workgroup has been assigned a specific issue or topic to discuss, gather information, and develop suggestions on. These topics range from emergency preparedness to end use.

Bravo’s own Jeff Logan was selected to the Workforce and Economic Development workgroup. I had a chance to talk to Jeff about how he felt the first meeting went.

“I think that Secretary Quigley did an excellent job bringing a lot of people with different points of view together,” said Logan. “It’s a real challenge but all of us and Secretary Quigley are up to it and it was really great to see everyone sitting down at one table to discuss how to help make Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry successful.”

During the next few meetings the task force will hear presentations to help inform them of different topics, issues, and strategies. They will also receive reports from the workgroups to check on their progress.

My time here at Bravo has really opened my eyes to different industries and topics that I never thought of before. I think that it’s safe to say that I’ve caught the “energy bug,” and am excited to see what great things come from the Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force.

Courtney Garloff, Bravo Group Creative Intern-Harrisburg Office


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