The Bravo Internship: A Unique Experience

Here’s a scenario: You’re a recent college graduate. During your college experience, you participated in almost every club and organization, studied abroad, and graduated in the honors program. You have a killer cover letter, near-perfect grade point average, and glowing recommendations. Seems like enough to land a C-suite position, right? Not quite. There’s one thing you missed– an internship. Or several internships, nowadays.

Internships are an integral part of the college experience. They give young professionals the opportunity to network, connect with mentors, and make some money or earn college credit. Interns accumulate necessary skills, gain real world experience, and most importantly, test drive a potential career. Ultimately, internships help you figure out what you like and what you don’t like.

Here at Bravo Group, the internship program is top-notch. With so many different departments and clients, there’s no excuse not to exploring different fields. Each intern has an adviser to help them throughout the internship and keep track of their progress. I took the opportunity to ask our three intern advisers their thoughts on internships, specifically the Bravo intern experience.

What do you look for in an intern?

First off, I look for someone who is familiar with and passionate about the Bravo brand – campaign-style approach isn’t for everyone and it’s definitely for some people.  Second to that, I look for interns who can specifically articulate what they want from an internship here at Bravo Group. –Anne Merrick

I love working with people who are excited to learn about the industry, clients, and Bravo Group. At the end of the day, what makes an intern great to work with is their willingness to work hard and ability to collaborate professionally. — Ivana Wolfe

Willingness to learn. A lot of interns worry about not having enough experience before starting an internship, but it’s much more important to me that they’re exciting about helping and willing to learn. The experience will come with time, but enthusiasm is necessary right off the bat. — Jill Wolfe

What do you find unique about the Bravo Group internship program?

Bravo Group’s company culture is special.  Our approach to collaborative work and our ability to be flexible and move fast allows for a custom internship experience, unique to whatever that particular candidate is looking for.  There’s not many other places that can provide that range of experience to interns. — Anne Merrick

An internship at Bravo Group is truly tailored for the intern’s best interest and goals. We understand that your time at Bravo is only a part of the whole college experience, so we want to offer what you need to be marketable in the workforce. Wholesome or specialized skills can be derived from projects in the public relations, marketing, writing, and government affairs realms. — Ivana Wolfe

Going through the internship program myself, I realized very quickly how different our program is from others. I’ve had bad internships and good ones, but Bravo’s is by far the best. We truly use our interns as much as we can. By the time our interns leave Bravo, they not only have experience working in a business, they also have a portfolio chock full of work samples. — Jill Wolfe

Do you have any words of encouragement for current/future Bravo Group interns?

Identify what you want and learn how to articulate it.  You don’t always have to know your grand plan but have a sense of what you want your next one or two steps to be.  Work hard, learn from everyone around you, don’t be scared to speak up, and sometimes it’s better to beg for forgiveness than wait for permission. — Anne Merrick

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and voice your opinions respectfully. When working with a group of people, I believe that three things are key: over-communication, attention to detail, and a sense of urgency. — Ivana Wolfe

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and keep your mind open to a new way of doing things. Every company will have a different way of doing something, different from how you learn it in school, whether it be a press release or a tweet. We all have different voices and formats. The technique is the same, but the end result is different, no matter where you choose to intern. But that just gives you an opportunity to learn more. — Jill Wolfe

Thus far, my experience with the Bravo internship program has been nothing short of wonderful. I’m extremely proud to be able to show off my experience and put it on my resume for potential employers to see.  I want to close with a shout out to my own intern adviser, Ivana Wolfe, for always engaging me professionally and personably, helping me focus my interests, and hone in on my natural abilities.

Emily Smedley || Wayne Intern


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