Staying Healthy on a Deadline

I’m a self-proclaimed fitness-junkie; the gym is my second home, I try to eat healthy, and I manage a fitness blog. For me, exercising and eating properly are keys to a great life.

The kicker is actually making time for these healthy habits. We all have 24 hours to use, but we have to want to use it in a beneficial way.

Public relations and government relations can be tough work. The Bravo office may open at 8:30 A.M. and close at 5 P.M., but that doesn’t mean the work stops. For example, sometimes on certain days everyone is at his or her desk typing away, while on other days different individuals may run from office to office with no time in between.

So I needed to find out how, in such a fast-paced industry, these people manage to stay healthy.

To find out, I asked the Bravo team two questions: 1) what type of physical activities do you partake in? and 2) what benefits do you  see from these activities? They answered as such:

“Generally I stick to various kinds of yoga several times a week. I also play tennis and run occasionally.”–Emily

“I wake up every morning at 5:30 and go to the gym for an hour. I typically do cardio and then some sort of ab working. I get the benefits of jump starting my day and feeling energized.”–Courtney

“Running & Yoga. Yoga has taught me to breathe better, which seems really ridiculous and hard to grasp.  When I ran w/out yoga, I would get winded in addition to sore or tired.  I never have to stop running now because of my breathing unless I’m getting over a cold.  Mentally I definitely feel like I can focus more on work.  Whenever there are things bothering me at work or home, while venting is always nice, it’s great to have an hour a day where I can listen to music and think everything through.  It almost gets it out of my system.  And to quote Legally Blonde “Endorphins make you happy & happy people just don’t kill their husbands”.–Sarah

“I typically lift and mix in some cardio.  I also like to get out and golf a lot. I think its a great game for mental strength, even though it makes you lose your mind sometimes.”–Tyler

“Confession — I absolutely hate running. So for my cardio, I tend to choose classes like zumba and spinning. I do prefer strength training exercises like pilates. Overall, I think these activities make me feel stronger, more confident and somewhat offset my chipotle habit.”–Ivana

“I try to mix up my routine so I don’t get bored. Some days I’ll just go to the gym and watch Netflix on the elliptical and other days I’ll  do spinning, barre or core classes. In Philly, there’s this great service called ClassPass that is a monthly fee and allows you to go to unlimited classes at studios throughout the region. My favorite is Flywheel.”–Noelle

“Running, Yoga, Spinning regularly and then seasonal activities like tennis, skiing, and hiking, weather permitting. I like making my workouts social which is a productive way to catch up with friends when I’m crunched for time.”–Anne M. 

“I do bikram yoga (hot yoga) in the colder months. I play basketball once a week in the spring, summer and fall. When I’m not doing those things, I try to do some cardio workouts. Having two kids sometimes makes it difficult to workout and I definitely notice a difference when I don’t.”–Megan D. 

“About three months ago, I started playing pickup basketball once a week with a bunch of people. I also like to get out on the golf course or the driving range when it’s nice out.”–Steve

“I never realized until the other day how much I walk every single day just in my day-to-day activities. I walk all three of my dogs at least two times a day, sometimes more, and I also walk to and from the bus stop on my way to arrive and return home from work. Also, living on a third floor requires me to walk up and down 60+ steps constantly–which is also a great unexpected workout.Although I would like to start a better workout routine, I believe my general day-to-day walking helps keep me active and my metabolism going.”–Alizah

Being the fitness and health nut that I am, I was happy to hear so many positive responses from my coworkers. Whether they are at the Capitol or in one of their clients’ offices, taking care of their children or keeping a puppy happy, these professionals find time to exercise. And, the benefits extend way beyond just physical health; exercise allows them to be energized, have mental stability, feel confident, relieve stress, spend time with loved ones, stay focused, and be motivated personally and professionally.


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