Work Is Personal

You often hear about what is referred to as “work life balance.” This idea is not easy, and many people struggle to make it work at all. It doesn’t always have to be hard. Jen Riley, a Managing Director at Bravo Group, has experience with this and for her it boils down to work complimenting her personal life.

In the office, Jen uses her experiences and extensive Bravo toolbox to create public policy campaigns for clients. At home, she is raising her daughter, taking care of a household, spending time with family and friends, and finding a few moments to herself.

In between her home and work duties, Jen is an advocate for the Victim/Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) and Dress for Success.  Jen has incorporated these activities into Bravo by serving as a board member for VWAP after they became a Bravo client and hosting clothing drives at the office for Dress for Success.

Jen says that Bravo Group gives employees the opportunity to work with clients that they fit with. If it is not something they are interested in, for personal or other reasons, they aren’t forced to work with that client. As Jen said, “If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you can’t be passionate about it,” and Bravo employees have to be passionate about the impact their work is making.

You should want to see your clients succeed, and you should want to be personally invested in the missions of your clients. Jen enjoys seeing the fruit of her labor and being able to say, “I had a hand in that” when a client wins a fight.

The right kind of work can make you a fuller person, and Jen Riley is a great example. Everyday she sees things that not only affect her, but the people around her. Through her work and personal life she has the opportunity to advocate for what she believes in and make her community a better place. Take it from Jen: work is personal and that’s actually a good thing.

Ariana Stroman | Harrisburg

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