When Creativity and PR Collide

Creativity is a funny thing. Although it’s easy to define, it’s difficult to explain because it encapsulates multiple facets of life. Creativity can come in all shapes and sizes. It involves all the senses: it looks, sounds, tastes, feels, and smells different to everyone. It can be transmitted through any channel or medium. And it can be tangible or abstract, such as a physical object or an idea or thought.

“Creativity is a never-ending search for that far-away place in your soul that told you to jump from the sofa to the ottoman so you wouldn’t fall into the lava.” — Jeff Stockwell, Senior Designer at Bravo Group

Like the Universe in which we preside, creativity is absolutely infinite.

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. At Bravo Group, the creative team employs creativity to break through the conformity of everyday life.

To start off this week, I was immersed into the world of the Bravo Group creative department. The Bravo Group creative department makes creativity look easy, as they create unique visual solutions to complex client challenges. I met with Jill Wolfe and Jeff Stockwell to learn about the work they’ve done thus far at Bravo, everything ranging from print catalogs and brochures to infographics and banner ads for the web. While focusing on the constant opportunity for improvement, they gave me some tips on embracing and refining my own creative skills.

Jill walked me through some print and digital pieces the creative team had developed in the last few years. She explained the process of creating different pieces and the importance of collaboration throughout the creative process. Specifically, she walked me through how she uses Adobe Illustrator to create infographics for the web. Infographics are a great resource for making complex or confusing information more accessible and aesthetically pleasing. Jill even taught me a few tricks to use for my next creative endeavor!

Jeff imparted his wisdom from countless years in the industry in one lesson: creativity doesn’t come from technology, it comes from the mind. He brilliantly explained that computers, programs, and emerging technologies are all merely tools to aid in the creative process. Although some believe that creativity is made easier by modern technology, this is simply not the case. To create aesthetically pleasing and overall appealing materials takes a creative mind. You can’t rely on the technology to inspire ideas for you- that all comes from raw creative talent.

When people think of public relations, they often think of media pitches and endless event planning. Creativity and content creation might not be first on one’s mind. But public relations calls for some serious creative talent– especially in the era of Web 2.0.

My day with the creative department proved to be insightful and inspiring, and I hope to work with them soon. Until then, I’ll be practicing my skills on all programs of the Adobe Creative Suite!

Emily Smedley || Wayne Intern

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