Not Your Average Internship

This isn’t the average internship offered by Bravo Group. I am here for a full-time, 6 month co-op experience, and I am the first Drexel student to take advantage of it.

When I accepted this opportunity at Bravo, I knew it would be a unique experience. As a student at Drexel University, we complete co-ops—these are not the same as internships. Co-op is a program where students alternate between classroom and full-time employment in their field of interest. This 5 year program at Drexel gives students the opportunity to focus on the required classes on campus for six months and complete co-op experiences the other six months of the year. Co-op lets me explore different office environments and areas were my degree will apply, while gaining 18 months of work experience before graduating.

I mentioned that this opportunity is unique to me. My first co-op was with the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce planning and executing corporate events. Obviously co-op is nothing new, but working in public relations and communications is.  I am a marketing and entrepreneurship major, but I don’t have a communications major or minor which is typical for an PR internship like this. However, I have learned PR and marketing can intertwine. Also, Bravo Group was started by an incredible entrepreneur, so I accepted the opportunity excited to combine these interests.

I started my co-op with Bravo Group at the beginning of April, and am somehow at the halfway point already. My time here has been fun, interesting, and educational. I had no clue what a media advisory was and had never pitched a story to media before, but now I’m on my way to being a pro, at least in my own eyes.

When I applied for this position, I knew I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Co-op is about learning and becoming a professional. Although I am halfway done, I still have three months to learn about public relations and enhance my new-found skills even more.

Ariana Stroman | Harrisburg


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