BIO International Convention Comes to Philadelphia

“The science of biotechnology isn’t easy. Nature does not readily yield her secrets. Still, every day in nearly every country on Earth our brilliant scientists decode a bit more of the language of life.”

Whether you know it or not, biotechnology is all around you: when you ferment beer, age cheese, or bake bread. But biotechnology doesn’t just help with your cooking and baking endeavors. Biotechnological products and technologies help to improve lives, advance the health of the planet, feed the hungry, and, essentially, shape the world around us.

Philadelphia is currently experiencing a renaissance. In recent years, Philadelphia has evolved into a hub for biotechnology and innovation. About 50 percent of all meetings in Philadelphia each year are life-science related. 80 percent of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry is represented in the tri-state region of New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. And 53,334 individuals are employed by the life sciences industry. In addition , Philadelphia held a lot of firsts for American medicine such as the first hospital, first medical library, and first medical school and college of pharmacy.

The Greater Philadelphia area is among the largest bioscience hubs in the US. And it just got a bit larger.

From June 15 to 18, the city of Philadelphia is holding the 2015 BIO International Convention, where biotech leaders, innovators, companies, and research centers from across the world come together in an effort to help transform the scientific landscape. The Convention will cover copious educational tracks ranging from opportunities in global markets, rare diseases, digital health, biofuels and renewable chemicals, food and agriculture, regulatory science, patient access, and biotherapeutics. Participants will walk away with key industry takeaways and trends and join in BIO’s mission of healing, fueling, and feeding the world.

Yesterday, I was able to join the Bravo Group team at the Convention where I helped manage the Academic Zone. This zone was dedicated to bringing together strategic relations directors, licensing managers, academic institutions, and hospitals. It allowed individuals to present and explain their work, network with potential partners, and share their biotechnological aspirations. Although I learned a ton about event planning, networking, and effective customer service, the coolest part of the day was when I walked through the NASA exhibit and got to touch a moon rock!


Emily Smedley || Wayne Intern


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