Day to Day Inspiration

There are few things in life that will stick with you in your gut. There are even fewer things that will get you through the difficult times and help you get out of bed day after day. These little life savers, tidbits of hope, are often in short supply but they are strong pieces of inspiration and daily reminders of why you should keep forging ahead with vitality.

So what gets me through the day?

1. Strive big, but cherish the small.
I have a lot of goals to accomplish and I want to achieve great things in the life I was given. But just because I’m dreaming big doesn’t mean I can’t sit back and cherish the small things: spending time with my family and friends, listening to music, reading cheap suspense novels, and watching superhero movies. I cherish hiking all day and taking in this beautiful earth, breathing in some clean air, and taking a stroll through an overgrown field. Small things are what you go back to when your big dreams seem impossible, so cultivate them.

2. Breathe in the stardust.
Last semester I took an Astronomy course for my natural science requirement. One topic we discussed was the origin of the universe and how we are made up of stardust. Did you know that every atom that makes up the planet Earth has been repeatedly recycled from the beginning of time? Essentially, the air you breathe is filled with atoms that could have come from the moment the universe was created! When you consider that notion, you feel pretty small. And pretty young. So if you’re having a bad day, just remember that both your mind and body are forever connected with some place a million light years away in the far reaches of space and time.

3. If you wait until you’re ready, it’s already too late.
Let’s be honest, are we ever really ready to take a leap? Was any social media or piece of technology ever released to the public without a single glitch? Definitely not. In life, you have to be willing to take risks. If you’re going to fail, fail well. If you’re going to fall, fall gracefully. If you’re going to stumble, stumble and stick it. It’s important to get out there, make mistakes, and let yourself be a little vulnerable. As humans, we always want more time. It always seems too soon. But instead of wishing for more of the most precious commodity on earth, let’s accept what we are given and just enjoy.

4. And my personal favorite… Be a little quirky!
By reading this far, it’s pretty easy to see that I’m a bit quirky. I figure, it’s easy to be like everyone else. The hard thing in life is molding a completely original person out of what you were given. So accept yourself for who you are and appreciate a bit of originality. Because if you think about it, who else are you going to be other than yourself?

If you put all of this together, it’s easy to see what attracted me to Bravo Group: the originality, the fast paced, go-getter attitude, the strive big and make small changes mission, and the confidence of each individual.

I hope by the end of this internship I will have learned the secret to “winning tough fights.” And have a few more sentiments to put on my list.

Emily Smedley || Wayne Intern


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