The Creativity Behind Public Relations

When people think of the “creative type,” they most likely picture someone extremely eccentric; a zany daydreamer who can’t hold a day job simply because of his or her wild mind.  Try to imagine Lennon or Picasso working in an office.  Most likely, they’d be fired.  But you don’t need to be a rock star to be creative every day.
Creativity has always been valued in business.   You can’t rely strictly on numbers – no, you need people who can form ideas that go well-beyond boundaries that would hold most others back.   You need someone who can make things appealing to people – to trigger some sort of emotional response. At Bravo Group, our creative department does just that – they put some color into our world.
I spoke with Jill Wolfe, one of the designers on the creative team, to shed some light on how the department operates, and what being creative in the professional world looks like.
When the team receives an assignment, usually either directly from a client or their lead, they get straight to brainstorming.  Next is actual design, which is where the fun happens.  What’s most important in this step is a significant knowledge of the client’s target audience.  Who do they want to reach?  What is the desired action? Questions like these are necessary to ask this early in the game.  The answers could mean the difference between a digital or print advertisement, for example.
Regardless of the route the team takes, the collaborative approach allows creativity to flow freely throughout the department as a project moves forward. Members of the team build off each other’s ideas to deliver a product that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Furthermore, having a whole creative team helps to take the pressure off any single person.  According to Jill, one of the difficulties of working in the industry is getting creatively blocked.  When artwork is your hobby and you’re stuck, you can always put the pencil down.  But what about when it’s your job and you have a deadline to meet? Having other members there to talk to and draw inspiration from helps break down these walls that can stop a project dead in its tracks.
At Bravo Group we have our own Lennons and Picassos and you can find them in Harrisburg, coming up with new ways to catch people’s attention and hold it.  They’re rock stars in their own right, just with better manners.
-Sean West, Bravo Group, Wayne
 Photo credit: Paul Foreman

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