BIO 2015 Heads to Philly

When farmers during the Neolithic Revolution began tampering with different fertilizers for a greater crop yield, they probably weren’t aware that they were introducing a science that would one day shake the modern world.
Since then, biotechnology, which involves the use of living organisms to create something new and useful, has and continues to shape the world around us.  Lucky then, that we have BIO.
The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) is the world’s largest trade organization that represents all things biotechnological – companies, research centers, and organizations.  BIO advoc
ates for these groups, and provides ways for the industry to grow.
One way BIO does that is hosting the BIO International Convention.  This year, the convention will be held in Philadelphia – a leading biotechnological hub.  Some may argue that it hasn’t reached the reputation of cities such as Boston or San Francisco, however, Philly has been a steady industry leader since the last time BIO visited in 2005.
A key part of the growth of the biotechnical industry in the Philadelphia region has been innovation.  The city is home to 25 medical schools, as well as the University City Science Center.  The Science Center accepts forward-thinking entrepreneurs and gives them the space they need to research and develop their products at a heavily subsidized rent.  This supportive environment produces start-ups that sell for a lot of money.  Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, for example, created a tracing method to spot early indicators of Alzheimer’s disease through radioactive treatment with the Science Center’s help.  In 2010, the company sold for $800 million.
BIO sees this city’s potential.  The Philadelphia Metropolitan Area is home to over 1,200 biopharmaceutical companies.  Geographically, Philadelphia sits between two of the US’s most important cities, New York and Washington, D.C.  There’s also something to be said about accessibility.  About 40% of the country’s population lives within a day’s travel of the city by car or train.
To prepare for this massive event, Bravo Group is getting the ball rolling as the public relations agency of record.  This means Bravo is handling all matters relating to public relations and communications in the region for the event.  Members of the Bravo team serve on the steering and host committees of the conference to help make decisions regarding marketing and communications.  And though Bravo has a history of success with BIO, managing public relations for an event like this doesn’t come without challenges.  According to Jennifer Riley, who is spearheading this campaign, the nature of the Greater Philadelphia Region will test the coordination of all those involved in BIO 2015.  The region includes three different states, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, which means Bravo will have to cater to two different media markets.
The BIO International Convention is slated to draw thousands of partners together for key networking opportunities and educational sessions, as well as give 1,700 exhibitors a chance to showcase their products and foster valuable business relationships.  BIO has given Philadelphia a great chance to advance its biotechnological industry by bringing curious leaders and innovators to the city.  Such a conference would create a lot of exposure to venture capital for start ups, a significant part of industry success.
Philadelphia has the brainpower and the technology.  And now, thanks to BIO, the city has the chance to show itself off.
Sean West
Bravo – Wayne Intern
 Photo Credit:

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