Endless Possibilities

I decided very early on in high school that I wanted to go to a big school, in a city, far away from home. I had gone to small Catholic schools my entire life, and my all-girl
high school was no exception – I graduated with just 103 other young women. I decided I needed a city, D1football and basketball, and a large distance between school and home. The University of Pittsburgh seemed like the perfect fit for me.


High school graduation with my dad
My time at Pitt so far has been beyond valuable. I have made great friends, met a lot of new people, participated in intramural sports, joined a service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and been a part of the Fashion Business Association. In addition, I have gone to almost every football and basketball game since I’ve been a student (even though being a Pitt fan can be pretty heartbreaking at times). Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in London through Pitt. It was the greatest experience of my life.
When I started out at Pitt, I thought I would major in psychology and go to medical school.
That former plan now makes me laugh out loud.
After taking Intro to Psychology in my first semester, it was
clear that psychology, and especially med school, was not for me. I pulled myself together sophomore year and declared a Communication major. Being the incredibly indecisive and curious person that I am, however, this was not enough. I decided I would apply to be in the dual Business degree program, which allows me to take the core general requirements that all business students take without declaring a specific major in the business school. My degree will be a joint Bachelors in Communication and Business. In addition, I am minoring in Political Science and pursuing a certificate in Community and Corporate Relations.
After deciding my major, I was eager to share with those who had been curious as to what I would decide. The reactions were interesting. Spewing out two majors, a minor, and a certificate often leads to faces full of confusion and questions such as:
“What do you plan on doing with that?”
“Are you going to graduate in four years?”
“How do those connect?”
And the ever-popular, unsolicited, retrospective advice: “You should have majored in finance.”
“What am I going to do with my degree?” was a question that crossed my mind often.
Then, I stumbled upon an application for Bravo Group as a communications intern. I read the description and visited the website and immediately decided that this internship and company was meant for me. Through Bravo’s government and public relations functions, I will have the opportunity to apply my love of politics, my communication skills, and my business acumen all at once. It was as though this internship was the answer to that very question: “What am I going to do with my degree?” Bravo’s vast array of clients and services seemed like the perfect fit for my varied interests and desire to learn. It felt as though this position was handmade for me. As I enter my final semester before the dreaded senior year begins, I find myself reflecting on the amazing opportunities that the city of Pittsburgh and the university has afforded me – especially this internship with Bravo Group.

I am no longer wondering what I can do, but rather what I will do – the possibilities are endless.
– Patricia Scott, Pittsburgh Office Intern


Summer 2014 in London!

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