Bravissimo!: Concluding Remarks on my Time at Bravo

It was mid-July when I found the job posting for Bravo’s fall internship on my university’s career website. I had recently decided to pursue an additional major in communications to complement the degree I was already pursuing in political science. My internship search process was highly selective. And yet, despite my selectivity, the position at Bravo exceeded my expectations. This internship appeared to provide a unique intersection of my areas of study.
 I applied for the job immediately. In my excitement I called my mom to let her know I found the perfect internship.
 I remember the first time I spoke with someone from Bravo. It was our human resources representative, Jill Smith. I had so much to tell her. I remember hearing the excitement in my own voice. Our phone interview must have lasted at least an hour. I felt as if this job was a good fit for me. I couldn’t help but hope that Bravo felt the same way about me.
Some time passed and I was invited in for an interview. Overwhelmed with nervousness and excitement, I texted my mother pictures of different outfits I could wear. We agreed on a black wrap-around dress and matching heels. I relentlessly prepared for the interview. I brainstormed questions I thought my interviewers would ask me and rehearsed my responses. Knowing that an interview is not a monologue, I also prepared my own questions. I was excited about Bravo Group and wanted to learn more.
 I checked Bravo’s digital channels–their Facebook page, their Twitter handle, etc. Eventually, I ended up on this very blog. It provided terrific insight into the inner workings of Bravo. Since us interns write about our experience, I had access to what it was like to actually be a Bravo intern. I was impressed. All of the interns seemed so knowledgeable and unafraid to write about challenging topics. Although I was intimidated, I was looking forward to one day making my own contributions.
It was the middle of the week when I heard back from Bravo. I was afraid I would be disappointed and prepared myself for bad news. This internship seemed perfect. I assumed that I was up against vigorous competition.
 I have never been happier to be proven wrong.
 I was overcome with happiness when Bravo offered me the position. It amazed me that they found me to be a qualified candidate. Humbled by this opportunity, I began to think that maybe I was capable of more than I ever believed.
 My first day at Bravo was Tuesday, September 2nd. My internship advisor, Anne, picked me up and we traveled from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg. That’s a long trip to make with a stranger. I remember being afraid that she wouldn’t like me. In retrospect, this apprehension seems ridiculous. Throughout my time here Anne has become both my guide and mentor. She has been the keystone of my Bravo experience and it undoubtedly would not have been so incredible if not for her.
Once in Harrisburg I met the two other interns–Andrea and Emily. We immediately clicked. Throughout the rest of our time at Bravo we would become friends. We would collaborate on our blog posts and other projects. But, we also coached one another. Despite our locations across the state, we always kept in touch. We shared our experiences as students, job applicants, and of course, as interns. They were remarkable team members and I cannot wait to see all the amazing work they will do in the future.


 My only regret from this internship is not being able to share more. I wish I had the space in this blog post to share all of the opportunities and experiences I have had in the past three months. But, truth be told, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The posts I have made on this blog demonstrate some of the work I have done with Bravo, but these only scratch the surface. The work I have done alongside my co-workers at the Pittsburgh office–Anne, Adam, Matt, and Kelley–has been well-rounded and eye-opening. Coming into this internship, I couldn’t even imagine all of the specialties in which this company excels.
 So, to end this last post I would like to say bravissimo! This word, the italian origin of ‘bravo’ is an interjection meaning ‘excellent!’ or ‘very-well done!’. I say this to all of my friends–my co-workers–that I have met during my time here at Bravo. This internship has been unbelievable and I am truly saddened to see it come to an end. So, before I sign-off this blog for the very last time, I have two last words for everyone I have met at Bravo:  thank you. This experience has certainly been extraordinary.
Meghan Gary| Bravo Group | Pittsburgh

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