Experience Everything You Can: A Letter to Undergrads

Dear Undergrads,

Trust me when I say your college years are going to fly by. I am very fortunate to be graduating early, but I can’t help but envy those that have time left. Although I am tired of spending endless hours working on group projects and pulling all-nighters to study for exams, I can already say that I miss the college life. I graduate in 30 days, but it feels like it’ll be here tomorrow.

It took a while to find my groove at West Chester University, but now that I have, I wish I had more time remaining. I spent my freshman year striving for good grades, not realizing all of the amazing opportunities available to me through the 260+ clubs and organizations WCU offers. Here I am in the fall semester of my senior year: a resident assistant, an intern at Bravo, involved in five clubs, an intramural volleyball player and a rock climbing addict. Now that I’ve acquired all of these opportunities, I don’t want to leave. I feel like I’ve finally found my perfect niche at WCU but soon I’ll have to pack up and leave for good. It’s scary, but I know even better opportunities await me after I move my tassel. So, undergrads that I envy, please take this advice when trekking through your college years:

  • Get involved:  There is nothing more satisfying than helping others, pulling off an amazing event, or even just spending time with people who are similar to you. Consider your passions and join an organization that will allow you to engage them. There is bound to be something perfect for you. If you don’t find one, create one! There are so many people out there that probably want to join that club too and they are waiting for someone to create it. Be that leader.
  • Make time for your social life:  I am the queen of keeping busy. Everything in my life is scheduled down to the minute. Although there may be days where you feel there aren’t enough hours, you need to take the time to relax and see your friends. Even if it is something as simple as watching TV or grabbing lunch. Make time for them! You’ll regret it if you don’t. After graduation, you won’t have the chance to see them every day.
  • Never stop making new friends:  I can’t stress this point enough. Even if you are still close to people you met freshman year, expand your circle. Those friends might change and you’ll leave them in the past, or they might stick with you for life. But don’t rely on just that group. Make friends with that girl that sits next to you in class, or the boy that you see at all the club meetings. You already know you have similar interests so build on that. You never know what kind of friendship might bloom from the first interaction.
  • Start networking NOW:  Whether you are a freshman or senior, it is important to network. This is the time to plan for your future. Talk to your professors and find out who they know in the industry you’re interested in. Go to internship and career fairs and shake hands with people you might be working with one day. The real world is approaching fast and nothing is guaranteed. Meet people, brand yourself, and work toward what you want.
  • HAVE FUN:  Many of us will only experience college once. It may feel like a lifetime at the beginning of freshman year, but each semester will fly by faster than the last. College is only a small portion of your life, so find your niche and have fun.

From the soon-to-be-graduate to the undergraduates, make the most of the time you have in college. One day, you will probably look back and miss it, so be proud of the time you had. It’s an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity.

Emily Brensinger | Bravo Group | Wayne Intern


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