CCA Conservatory Programs Encourage Students to Explore Personal Interests

“Don’t sit in front of the computer for so long! Get up and go outside!” I’m sure that we can all remember growing up hearing our parents yell this at us from another room. As a product of Generation Y, I grew up with technology at my fingertips, watching as it rapidly evolved in just a short amount of time.

Today’s youth is even more in sync with technology than any previous generation. Today, most kids know how to work an iPad or maneuver the Internet better than their elders because they are surrounded by it regularly. Technology has become a necessity in our lives. It has even found a dominant place in education.

Commonwealth Connections Academy (CCA) is one of the cyber schools taking advantage of technology’s constant presence in our lives. CCA is a full-time, tuition-free, K-12 public school in Pennsylvania whose mission is to provide a personalized approach to education. CCA has so much to offer its students through classroom work and beyond. Students have the opportunity to explore many activities outside of their regular schoolwork that match their personal interests such as sports, science, acting, dancing and whatever else catches their interest.

On Thursday, October 30 and Friday, October 31, CCA teamed up with local schools in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia to perform recreations of Michael Jackson’s Thriller as part of CCA’s Arts & Humanities Conservatory Program. Conservatory programs offer unique educational experiences throughout the year allowing students to explore potential career paths and activities they may want to pursue after high school. I had the pleasure to attend the Philadelphia performances on Halloween day. CCA students teamed up with students from Esperanza Academy, a school located in North Philadelphia.

The students practiced the choreography for about two and a half weeks to prepare for their zombie debuts. On the morning of the event, the students had a Theatrical Makeup Workshop with professional makeup artist, Kylie Boughter, in the Convention Center where the group also performed their routine. The students were allowed to apply their own makeup to compliment their zombie costume.

This experience was just one example of all the opportunities CCA students can explore. Even though they are full time online students, they are encouraged to explore hobbies and interests of their own. CCA remembers that in a world full of technology, it’s important to get up and do something you love.

Emily Brensinger | Bravo Group | Wayne Intern

Photo Credit:
2: Emily Brensinger, Bravo Group
3: Drew Gingrich, Bravo Group


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