Editing and Proofreading: Bravo Publishing Group 101


“His name is misspelled,” are four words you never want to hear after submitting a press release to your client. I recently made the mistake of not double checking a very important name on a document that was then sent out. Luckily the client caught the mistake and we fixed it before distribution.

Having a second, or third, pair of eyes to check your work can make all the difference.

This is where Bravo’s Publishing Group comes in. After many discussion and planning meetings, the group was officially formed in early 2014. The group is comprised of Lauren Manelius, editor, along with writers Yvonne Feeley and Alizah Thornton.

Bravo’s Publishing Group produces written content and conducts research to support other Bravo employees in their client work. As a group, the three share the workload which includes proofing and editing blog posts, drafting press releases and media advisories, drafting newsletter articles, and conducting research on potential clients, issues and background information. The group also compiles media lists and creates content for social media postings.

“Everybody needs an editor. Companies would be better served in dealing with both their internal and external audiences if every communication they produced were uniformly reviewed,” said Yvonne as she expressed the importance of companies having an official position dedicated to editing and proofreading.



Doing thorough research and examining all of the facts is another a crucial step in the editing process. A grammatically flawless article could be sent to reporters, and published with incorrect information you provided. This causes the source to not only lose credibility with readership, it can also damage relationships with reporters.

Alizah spoke on the importance of conducting her own research prior to making edits, to ensure an accurate piece of writing. “I never want to jeopardize the credibility of a client by writing something that is inaccurate.” It would reflect poorly on her, as well as her client.

When a document is deemed ready to be published and sent out with errors, there can be consequences. It can cost time, money, and your credibility. As a public relations firm, it is crucial to make sure that every single document we produce is ready for public consumption. Bravo takes every step necessary to represent our clients in the best possible light. That includes writing on their behalf, and making it an exceptional piece of work.


Andrea Fetchko | BRAVOGROUP | Harrisburg


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