Demand A Seat At The Table, Millennials


Those born between 1980 and 2000, known as Generation Y or “Millennials,” have the opportunity to alter the course in which this country is headed. Roughly 1 in 4 Millennials have actively participated in past elections. This statistic brings to mind questions we must address, “Why aren’t more young people voting? and “What can we do to engage them?”

I, myself, am a Millennial, and wasn’t registered to vote until just recently. My coworkers at Bravo explained why it’s so important to educate myself on the issues and to use that information to cast an informed vote. I now look forward to participating in the upcoming election.

With the impending gubernatorial election just days away, now is the perfect time to highlight the importance of voting. Voting is especially important in the case of millennials– the largest generation in American history with a population of over 80 million –most of whom do not even vote.

Millennials played a major role in deciding the 2012 election. At that time 48 million were eligible to vote, and 25 million actually voted. By the 2020 presidential election, when every Millennial will be eligible to vote those numbers are expected to double. This generation has the power to decide future elections based on its sheer size alone.



Imagine the progress that could be made if every single Millennial votes. It has been shown that the Millennial generation is more open-minded and racially diverse than any other generation: they are accepting of change, and intensely optimistic for the future. These characteristics define this generation and separate them from their parents and grandparents.

As times change and generations evolve the issues we care about also evolve. If we leave these issues to be voted upon by former generations who do not perceive them as important, we cannot expect to have them addressed and resolved on a national scale.

If Millennials do not apply their knowledge and beliefs in electing their government, it will be decided by former generations who may have opposing views, different agendas, and contrasting values. To ensure that our individual voice is heard and represented by the government, we must vote.

By choosing not to vote, Millennials are giving up their say in the matter. So speak up, its time to be heard.


Andrea Fetchko | BRAVOGROUP | Harrisburg


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