Creating the Magic Behind the Scenes

In the world of theatre, a lot goes into making the opening night of a play extremely successful. The actors must memorize lines, stage actions, and expressions. The light crew must remember when to dim and flip the colored lights. The orchestra has to know when to support a scene with a subtle flute or vibrant drum. All of this matters. But what would that play be without any sort of scenery? There would be no imagery, just people standing around each other.
Some may not realize it, but creating a successful public relations campaign is similar to the work put into a successful play. Research, preparation, and performance must be practiced by those on the front line presenting to the clients. But what we don’t see is the work done behind the scenes; the people who create the imagery for the viewers.musical-theatre-behind-scenes
The people behind the scenes at Bravo are in the creative department, headed by our Creative Services Lead, Bill Spinner. There are three other people in creative, all talented graphic designers: Jerry Musser, Jeff Stockwell, and Jill Wolfe. As a team, they collaborate on creating different pieces for clients such as brochures, posters, TV spots, radio spots, billboards, banners, and more. They also focus on the message of an ad by preparing the written content.
When the team begins a new project, they meet among themselves and talk over what the best format is for the specific message they want to send out. They discuss topics such as the physical format, different ideas, messages, words, layout, photography, and size.
“We take a blank sheet and try to figure out how to best communicate the message for the client,” Bill said about starting a new project. “An ad’s success really depends on standing out so we try to push clients to do something new that’s different from what other people in the field are doing.”
cmswordleBill mentioned that sometimes clients are afraid to do something different than what their counterparts are doing so it takes a little convincing. “We want to do something unusual,” he said. He and the rest of the creative team aim to produce something that is unexpected and something that catches the eye. According to a survey by Goo Technologies, 80% of advertisements, whether online or in print, go ignored everyday by Americans. This is why making an ad that stands out is important.
Bill’s experience in the creative field is extensive. He started out in corporate communications as a corporate executive and did that for 13 years. Then, he left that company to do freelance work and continued that for nine years. While doing freelance, he partnered with Bravo on many projects. In 2005, Bill decided to fully commit to Bravo, and has been creating award-winning, eye-catching pieces ever since.
When asked what his favorite part of working at Bravo was, Bill easily responded, “Working with the creative team. They’re talented people. We are able take a blank sheet and turn it into something clever.”
So at the end of the campaign when everything is complete, it is important to remember what goes on behind the scenes. These people help stage a beautiful production for all of us. Without them, our campaigns would be incomplete. As set design is to theatre, our creative team plays a vital role in helping us deliver winning performances.
Emily Brensinger | Bravo Group | Wayne Intern

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