The Tricks and Treats of Working in Public Relations

As the leaves outside fade from red to brown, I am reminded that I have passed the halfway point of my internship here at Bravo Group. I have worked on a variety of assignments for various clients, however I realize that the remaining weeks here will pass in the blink of an eye. With this being said, I want to further expand my experience and make the most of the weeks that remain. To expedite this process, and with it being the week preceding Halloween, I decided to ask several of my co-workers, “What are some of the tricks and treats of working at Bravo?”
Team members at Bravo Group specialize in a number of different areas. They combine their unique knowledge and experiences to win tough fights. The tricks provided by my peers vary accordingly. Some offered advice on how to be prepared, organized, and efficient. Noelle Lorine, our digital specialist, suggests always bringing extra copies of your presentation to meetings. “You never know if someone will show up unexpectedly – it can’t hurt to be prepared.” Similarly, Jennifer Riley recommends always carrying a pen, even if you are just stopping in your boss’s office. “Writing down key points will benefit you in the long run by letting your boss know that you are capturing their ideas.”
In addition to preparedness, Riley also iterates the importance of organizational skills. She advises, “Never underestimate the power of to-do lists.” Megan Dapp focuses on time management. She encourages creating blocks of extra time in your schedule to account for delays or unexpected situations. This trick proves convenient because  “More often than not, your cushion of time gets filled with things that take longer or are more difficult than expected.”
Clearly, being prepared and organized makes a difference, especially when working in the fast-paced field of public relations. These skills largely contribute to the ability of juggling a diverse portfolio of clients. Other Bravo Group team members offer industry advice. Kelley Denney, the managing director of the Pittsburgh office, proposes treating prospective clients as we treat current clients. Many of her tricks have an emphasis on “good, old-fashioned relationship building.”
Just as working for Bravo Group teaches different tricks of the industry, it also offers many treats. Jill Wolfe is part of our creative team. She collaborates with different specialists to develop visual content for our clients. According to Wolfe, “Working as a designer allows me to work in the arts and be creative every day. It’s a very stimulating environment.” In addition to the variety of work, Bravo also offers opportunities for personal growth. One example of this is travel. Riley elaborates, “Although not always glamorous, business travel allows you to experience different cities, cultures and restaurants!”

The balance of strategy and benefits makes for an unpredictable day. Nonetheless, I am sure many of my co-workers would agree that it is this lack of predictability that makes the Bravo experience so unique. I look forward to the remaining weeks of my internship and all the opportunities that come along with being a part of the Bravo team.
Meghan Gary| Bravo Group | Pittsburgh
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