Relating To The Media


Building relationships with reporters, understanding how they operate, and knowing what they want are the keys to successful media relations. At Bravo, we are experts when it comes to building strong, long-lasting relationships with our media contacts.

Jeanette Krebs, Bravo’s Managing Director of Communications, works with clients to develop relevant messages, garner positive editorial coverage and diffuse challenging issues through effective crisis communications. Jeanette has worked on both sides of media relations – as a long-time journalist and newspaper editor, and as a PR professional.  As a reporter, she had PR professionals constantly sending her information and calling in hopes of having their story placed. Now at  Bravo, she is often the one making the calls.

 Having seen it all, Jeanette has a few recommendations on effective media relations:

  • Do not bombard a reporter with mounds of information, press releases, and media advisories.
  • Know what the reporter’s beat is, and what they usually write about.
  • Send information that is relevant to the reporter and their publication.


Making an effort to do the small things, like researching the publication and making sure you are sending the release or advisory to the correct journalist at that paper, will help you in the long run.  Instead of wasting time sending press releases out to every reporter in town, take the time to learn who covers a specific topic. Crafting tailored media lists for varying topics is a great way to send your message with a purpose.

 Because of these reporter relationships, you are more likely to get that media placement for your client. The reporter may give you time to actually pitch your story and explain why they should feature it. Your emails don’t just end up in spam, it becomes part of a conversation.



Andrea Fetchko  |  BRAVOGROUP  |  Harrisburg


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