The Beauty of Social Media

Social media can prove extremely beneficial to a business, both internally and externally. It allows for businesses to build strong relationships within their company and with their consumers. However, social media is still new to a lot of people so they seek assistance in the field.
Here at Bravo Group, we turn to our digital strategist Noelle Lorine for advice on anything related to digital media for our clients.social_media
As Digital Strategist, Noelle has a lot on her plate in terms of social media. She develops strategies for clients who are looking to connect with their audiences on social media. She examines clients’ business objectives and target audiences to design strategies that will help the businesses engage with their consumers. If the clients agree, Noelle executes the plan by setting up their social networks or helping them properly engage with the online community. Additionally, Noelle offers one-on-one executive coaching to express what opportunities exist with social media and how their goals can be achieved. Finally, Noelle helps write sample posts that align with the client’s overall goal while also pinpointing people for the client to follow and engage with.
Developing a digital strategy for social media is easier said than done. A client with limited knowledge of the benefits of social media sometimes needs some convincing as to why a social media strategy could help. At times, Noelle has described the process as an “uphill battle.” However, she has said making a connection between the benefits of social media and the clients’ business goals helps many clients get on board.
While some agencies think success on social media has to do with the number of likes and follows a client has, Noelle says she focuses on the client’s customers and other people the client wants to influence. This, in her eyes, is how social media can lead to successful client goals.
Besides accomplishing client goals, Noelle believes social media is also important for Bravo. While Noelle helps clients connect with audiences by communicating with them on social media, she hopes to get Bravo employees to do the same.
“It’s less about what Bravo has to say and it’s more about what the people within Bravo have to say because it’s more authentic that way,” she said.
Noelle hopes to help Bravo employees become the face of the company by helping them communicate their individual goals and expertise on social media. Her goal is to have everyone active so Bravo’s audience can get to know who is behind the brand and what we can do for them.
Scott Stratten, a social media guru and one of top five social media influencers in the world, said, “If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business.”5_Steps_Social_Media_Engagement
Noelle repeatedly expressed the importance of audience connection. She believes that posting on social media is only half of the battle and clients must do more to be successful.
“Social media is more for engaging. I think that’s the whole beauty of it, that it’s two-way communication. I think the true purpose for it is to have that dialogue and to build that rapport,” Noelle said.


Emily Brensinger | Bravo Group | Wayne Intern

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