Passion, Advocacy and Bravo

advocacy 2

One of Bravo’s specialties is branding important issues through advocacy campaigns while communicating them to the public in a memorable way. Bravo aims to mobilize others in support of a cause, generating the momentum and influence needed to bring about awareness and change.

The American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, the America Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Humane Society of the U.S are the groups that Bravo fights for on a daily basis. To do so effectively, Bravo has employed people like Megan Dapp, our “Alliance Development Expert.”

When describing her role as an advocate, Megan’s passion is obvious. She works to form a two-way relationship with our clients in order to affect real change and make their causes heard. Along with the assistance of Bravo, Megan was able to see through the enactment of a clean air ordinance in PA, a feat she worked long and hard to achieve.


It has become clear during my time at Bravo that advocacy is a passion that flows from the top right on down to every employee here — starting with our CEO, who in our first meeting stated that he was never in it for the money, he wanted to work on causes he truly believed in. I think that philosophy shines through in the everyday advocacy work here. Bravo employs tactics and strategies to elevate individual voices so that they can be heard.

Megan stated that “advocacy is one of Bravo’s differentiators,” and I completely agree. Bravo works with clients who are trying bring about positive change in the world and do not always have the means to do so. Having always wanted to affect change, Megan Dapp is certainly at the right place. Bravo is an advocate for countless people in so many different ways.

Advocacy is a “labor of love,” sometimes the road is bumpy, but when the end goal is achieved it can be so rewarding.


Andrea Fetchko  |  BRAVOGROUP  |  Harrisburg



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