The Art of Juggling: An Intern’s Guide to Managing Time


3-ball_cascade_moviePsychologist Edgar James Swift published the first article suggesting the benefits of juggling in 1903, which was supported in 2009 by Dr. Heidi Johnasen-Berg of Oxford University. She concluded that juggling leads to changes in the white matter of the brain, which relieves stress, fights off Alzheimer’s disease, sharpens concentration, increases dexterity and wards off food cravings.
So why should you care about juggling? I juggle every day, though not in the literal sense. I juggle several different roles in my everyday life. I do this internship at Bravo on top of my classes, resident assistant position, clubs, organizations and social life as a senior at West Chester University. Sometimes I think I won’t get to sleep because of all these things I balance at once. Then I realize that I am very capable of handling it. I wouldn’t have packed it all in if I didn’t think I could take it on, right?
TimeThe most important thing I use to manage my busy life is my daily planner. I write everything down. Each day, I write down what needs to be accomplished and in what order. This allows me to divide and conquer my work so I can use my time wisely.


Another time management tip: remember to breathe! We all experience those times where our minds are going hundreds of miles per hour and we can’t keep up with ourselves. If you think you won’t get through the day, just take a break. Let your mind and body know that you need to slow down for a moment. This will give the boost you need to pick back up later.


time-management (1)As I settle in to my internship at Bravo, the work has started to roll in. However, with the help and support of the staff here at Bravo, I will be able to handle it. It’s all a matter of managing time wisely. Time is the most sought after resource but the most limited. You must learn to juggle to get the most out of your time. Just remember to steady yourself and only take on as much as you can handle.


Emily Brensinger | Bravo Group | Wayne Intern
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