That Was Then, This Is Now

The journey of strategically guiding clients through a campaign-style approach of advocacy and public relations began in 1999 on State Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Here we are today celebrating our 400th client, three offices in Pennsylvania, and growing faster than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the milestones that Bravo Group has encountered throughout the past 15 years.

That was then: Notice the small white row-home above, that was Bravo’s first office which opened its doors in 1999. Bravo Group’s COO and Technology and Procurement Practice Lead, Rhett Hintze came aboard in 2000, and explained that they used card tables as desks, cardboard boxes to support their printers, and did not have air conditioning at one point. Because Bravo was gaining business quickly, these working conditions did not last long. Within three short years, Bravo had outgrown their first office, and moved to the top two floors of our current Harrisburg location.

Managing Director Jen Riley joined in 2000 as Bravo’s first intern. She finished her last year of school, and immediately started working here. Jen said that she can remember pulling clips, which we still do every day in 2014. The only difference was that Jen had to cut the clip out of the newspaper, glue it onto a piece of paper and fax it to the client.

In 2006, Bravo hit a milestone of employing over 20 people. During this year, Bravo had opened an office in Philadelphia. 2011 was also a big year. The Philadelphia office moved out of the city and into Wayne. Later that year, Bravo worked more closely with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and opened the Pittsburgh location.

By 2013, Bravo Group had just over 40 employees. Rhett explained that he is proud of Bravo because it is a “good firm with talented people”.

This is Now: Over the past 15 years, Bravo has taken on clients in the education, healthcare, financial, transportation, government, infrastructure, manufacturing, energy and technology industries. With the motivated and passionate staff, Bravo has advanced significantly in the public relations field. The firm offers public relations, government relations, audience research and creative services, and continues to take a campaign style approach to advocacy and public relations.

This year Bravo celebrated gaining their 400th client, and continues to win the tough fights that are worth winning.

While Bravo has evolved into a strong firm, the staff looks toward a bigger and brighter future. A large focus will be making the Pittsburgh location a stronger regional presence. When asked what goals he had for Bravo, Rhett said with confidence, “take it to outer space.”


Megan Bratton/Harrisburg Intern


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