The Road Ahead

An invitation popped up on my Gmail account the other morning: Final Evaluation, Thursday 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.  Before I accepted my final meeting request to discuss my experience with my three mentors from this summer, I took a few minutes to gather my thoughts and reflect on these past eleven weeks.


Over a mix of emotions, an immense feeling of gratitude tugged at my heart strings the hardest.  For I truly feel like I have become a more well-rounded version of myself and I have deepened my appreciation for the benefits of hard work through this summer internship.  All in all, I have witnessed dynamic teamwork, which is what I attribute to Bravo Group’s success with winning tough fights.  After working within the Wayne office these past three months, I am thankful for being a welcomed part of the team.
The last time I reflected on feeling so grateful to have landed this internship was on my first day at Bravo.  Although it feels like it was a year ago, I clearly remember waiting at 30th Street Station for the Amtrak train to take me to my intern training day in Harrisburg.  I had an hour to myself, so I grabbed a coffee and sat with my buzzing thoughts.
To be honest, I don’t believe I’ve ever been so excited or nervous at 6 a.m.  I kept thinking about how lucky I was to have this opportunity in front of me and how deeply I wanted to make a good impression.  So I remember chanting this make-shift mantra nervously in my head while I waited for the train, “Let me do my best.  Let me learn a lot.  Let me see if the P.R. industry is for me.”
So to the interns who will know this feeling soon enough,  I will leave you with two insights.
1.) When you find yourself making your first mistake within the internship, create a ‘lessons learned’ folder in your Gmail account.
 Every time you reach a dopportunityifficult moment, place the e-mail concerning the  issue  in the folder.  At the end of your internship, revisit those mistakes  and  recognize  how much you have learned by overcoming  those obstacles.  You will  strive  towards being the most successful version of yourself in  this internship,  since  you are surrounded by truly talented and focused  leaders.  But, at the  same  time, do not hesitate in admitting that you  are human and capable of  making mistakes.  The best thing about an  internship is that it is a learning experience.


2.) Challenge yourself to get lost in the internship and find out if the P.R. industry is a part of your “calling”.
pr industryAs I see it, I have found the Bravo Group has gifted me with an experience that encouraged me to look forward to work each morning. In the same light, this internship has allowed my mind to buzz with excitement for what the next day has in store for me when I am on my train ride home.  Who knew that you could actually love the work you do?
So I figure that my experience will come full circle around 5 p.m. As I will head home on the train for my last time, with a very familiar burst of nervousness and excitement as I look forward to what’s to come, I am confident in feeling that my internship with Bravo Group has come full circle. My roadmap for a rewarding experience at Bravo Group has been closely followed and well-enjoyed.
All that stays with me is a love for the P.R. industry, a few lessons learned, and a feeling of gratitude for knowing that wherever my journey may take me next, thanks to Bravo Group I am better prepared for the road ahead.
Aly Bartolomei
Bravo Group, Wayne Intern

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