Farewell, Bravo!

It’s hard to believe that three months have come and gone since I wrote my first blog post for Bravo Group.  I’ve always emphasized the importance of enjoying what I do and making that a priority in life.  Now that this experience is coming to an end, I can honestly say that I enjoyed what I did this summer.  I also learned a lot about myself and my career along the way.
Being in the communication field leaves room for a lot of opportunity, but it also can cause confusion. Choosing a career path that can take many different directions can be a struggle when ultimately deciding what you would want to do for the rest of your life.  Before this internship, I didn’t have much exposure to working with a variety of clients and using the interesting and strategic approach that makes Bravo Group so unique.  Bravo taught me that working in the Public Relations field is both rewarding and refreshing– two things that I think are instrumental for me in enjoying my career. Bravo has also taught me a few other things…
  1. If I can come to work knowing that it’s going to be a different day than the one before, I’ll be happy. I can honestly say that not one of my days spent at Bravo was exactly the same as another. Variety is crucial for someone like me who likes to be kept on her toes.  This will be very important to me in the future.
  2. The people you work with can make all of the difference. Bravo Group is bursting with very intelligent individuals that have a lot of drive. I was welcomed and treated as part of the Pittsburgh team instantly, making it a very positive work experience for me. This meant that in a day’s work one of them would probably find a way to make fun of me (In an endearing way, of course…), but also that I was walking into an environment that was very open—a huge reason that I learned as much as I did during my time here.
  3. I’m going in the right direction. Before my time at Bravo, I hadn’t quite figured this one out yet. Now, I am leaving this experience with more knowledge than I had before and the reassurance that this is something I could definitely see myself doing for the rest of my life.  Not too shabby, right? I’ll take it.
In my first post, I started with the question “What do you mean I have to grow up?” and I am leaving with the question, “What’s next?”  Bravo Group has had a big part in making me excited for everything that is to come.  BRAVO!  
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Marsha Reisinger
Bravo Group, Pittsburgh Intern

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