The Creative Group’s Youngest Star, Jill Wolfe

Have you ever wondered where Bravo’s advertisements, whether print or digital, come from? Look no further than Bravo Group’s creative department with Bill Spinner, Jeff Stockwell, Jerry Musser and Jill Wolfe. As Bravo’s creative services coordinator, Jill is responsible for writing the copy for an advertisement, researching images, choosing the platform(s), and working on the design.

Jill has been working at Bravo for just a little over one year. She advanced her design skills by completing multiple internships at Bravo Group, JM Images Photography, Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, Nak You Out, and The AACA Museum.

When working on a new project, Jill said that there is a process of trial and error.

“Knowing what will work comes with experience,” Jill  said. Certain clients have standards and guides that the creative team must follow. “Clients who have these guides have specific colors, fonts, and logos that are already chosen,” she said. “This makes the design process go much faster.”

Jill graduated from Slippery Rock University with a major in public relations and a minor in film and media studies, which incorporated graphic design into her degree. At Bravo, she uses InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop for her design projects.

All public relations majors at SRU are required to take a design class to learn the basics of InDesign. Jill said that she enjoyed the work and was good at what she did. She continued to take design classes and discovered her strengths.

“I enjoyed writing, but learned that I was much better at design,” she said.

Interning at a variety of organizations helped Jill realize where she enjoyed working the most. In January of 2013, she was hired as an intern at Bravo where she would be working in the public relations and creative department.

“I found that I am much better at the creative side than public relations, so I started to pursue more assignments in design,” Jill said.

Four months after the start of her internship, Jill was hired full-time as the creative services coordinator. In addition to perfecting her British accent, one of her favorite aspects of working for a firm is that there is something new every day.

“I get to work with different clients and projects each day,” said Jill. “That is really stimulating for a creative person.”

By working at Bravo, Jill has opportunities to advance in different areas of design. If she wants to learn something new or different, Bravo makes it a point to provide new experiences for her.

“I love learning new things,” she said. “I never want to turn down an opportunity to do so. It’s a great advantage of having both Jerry and Jeff to learn from.” Jill’s future aspirations include continuing her education and training in the design field to better her skills.

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