“Great Work that is Both Powerful and Motivating”- A Look into Omega Group from a Conversation with Evan Grove


Market research allows for businesses to make more confident decisions and motivate their consumers to action.  Through this process, companies transcend into environments of “cross-pollination” throughtargeted communication and execution which, ultimately, leads to the greatest amount of opportunity and growth.  At least, that is one of the great metaphors for understanding the importance of market research that I took away from a conversation I had with Omega Group’s Research Director, Evan Grove.
Evan Grove has been providing clients with ‘profound market insights’ through his position with the Omega Group since September 2005.  Evan, a Penn State alum, shared with me that his favorite course in school was ‘Consumer Behavior’ which allowed him the ability to “analyze an interactive area in business.”  He laughed that it should have given him insight into his next steps into the professional world, but instead it was a newspaper ad – “when they still had those things” – that brought him out for an interview with Omega Group.


Bravo Group acquired Omega Group in 2007, after the tragic passing of Omega’s founder. Bridging together two organizations that work off of the same principle of being different from their competitors, strengthened their clients’ readiness for the marketplace.
As Evan sees it, in order to remain distinct in uncertain economic times or in an age of competition, businesses must understand their consumers and leverage insights discovered from the marketplace.   Omega’s research process is distilled into four key stages: setting goals, conducting field work, synthesizing the findings and developing recommendations.  By listening to your consumers, you identify areas for growth.  And so, businesses are better equipped to succeed through each stage of their life-cycle.
Ultimately, it is through this middle ground of internal and external communication and understanding that market researchers work to provide for companies better navigation towards success.   Evan says, “differentiating yourself in the marketplace and remaining current” is then not only a desired objective but an achieved step towards expansion.
My notebook was filled with insights after my conversation with Evan, so I’d like to leave you with the top three reasons Evan loves what he does:
1.) “It is the high firm ego and low individual ego that attracted me to the small company environment.”  This mentality is what has allowed Bravo and Omega to form a synergistic relationship, taking the partnership to the next level by erasing any lines of division.
2.) “Deliver unique insights to clients through a variety of methodologies”  This ideology is what drives Omega Group towards expanding services onto the technological landscape.  Ultimately, reducing the time to conduct qualitative research via new technologies will allow Omega to bring more value to clients.  With the expansion of services and clients, Evan hopes to “pass along his expertise in the industry by managing more quality personnel.” This is a goal that  Evan is excited to focus on, especially with the transition of Anna Idler moving from her Account Coordinator position with Bravo to a more researched focused position on the Omega team.
3.) Evan sums up his work by focusing on one key takeaway,  “Working for the benefit of others, well that is what invigorates me.  The ability to do great work is both powerful and motivating.”
Aly Bartolomei
Bravo Group, Wayne Intern

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