Combining Professional and Academic Experience

Are you interested in gaining hands-on experience and learning more about working in public relations, but are still in college?

I recommend taking an internship for credit.




First thing to do would be to find the internship experience that is right for you. Make sure they meet your program’s qualifications and will ultimately be a good learning experience for you.

The public relations field is competitive, so it is essential for aspiring professionals to have at least one internship. I am approaching the completion of my last internship as a college student, and have gained hands-on experience in each program.

To provide a better idea of what internships for credits entail, I will share my experience with you. I am graduating with a degree in professional writing, and my internship at Bravo Group has exceeded the requirements for my three credit internship.



Professional writing students at Kutztown have a grid sheet of requirements that they must fulfill while working with their organization. By choosing a three credit internship, I need to complete 150 hours working hours. To my surprise, I was able to finish these hours within the first five weeks at Bravo.

A second requirement was to create an intern journal, and to update my entries on a weekly basis. Though I completed my hours, I still send a new journal entry to  my internship advisor, Dr. Amy O’Brien. The journals include summaries of the projects that I have completed, and what is in store in the upcoming week.

One of the final steps of the program is for my site supervisors, Megan Dapp and Megan Earley, to complete an evaluation of my time here. The evaluation sheet provides Dapp and Earley with the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions of my work, areas where I could improve, and to share any accomplishments that they have noticed throughout the summer.

Lastly, I must submit an internship portfolio, which will include the following: An updated resume, the hours that I worked, a reflective essay which will explain my thoughts on this internship experience, projects that I worked on and screen shots of writing pieces that I produced.

I am quickly approaching the completion of my Bravo internship,  and am beginning to reflect on my summer here. Bravo has provided me with the raw experience of working in the public relations field, while completing my degree. Though this required a heavier workload, I am confident that  it has prepared me for my first job.


Megan Bratton/Harrisburg Intern







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