The Sun Never Sets On Sunoco

Sunoco needed a plan.

It’s easy to make a plan, but how you execute that plan and how many toes you may step on to succeed in that plan is what really makes the difference.  On its face, to those who don’t have enough information, putting a pipeline through Pennsylvania may not sound like such a good idea.  But, this is because the majority of people are not aware of the benefits that it brings to the state.  These benefits need to be carefully identified and communicated to the public so that this project is not only accepted, but successful.  This is where Bravo steps in to make sure that the sun never sets on Sunoco.

Not only are pipelines needed for the now, they’re also needed for the future.  Pipelines are crucial to developing Pennsylvania’s economy through the revitalization of its manufacturing sector, multiplying profits in the hospitality industry, and moving Pennsylvania to compete in the international economy.[1]  Without the selling of natural gas resources in global markets, the opportunity for thousands of jobs will be lost, along with copious possible benefits for U.S. trade.[2] This alone should be enough of a reason to go through with the pipeline project, but there’s another perk—it’s safe.  Pipelines are actually the safest mode for shipping NGLs (Natural Gas Liquids)[3] and Sunoco is committed to ensuring the pipelines and facilities are operated in a responsible manner throughout each and every community.

Although this pipeline is still very much a work in progress, Bravo Group has been instrumental in helping Sunoco to take all the right steps in the right direction.  The government relations aspect of Bravo has been critical in helping this project to get underway.  Additionally, Bravo utilized all media outlets to raise awareness about the importance of pipelines and also has been involved in special events throughout Western and Southeastern PA.  Ultimately, a new mission, vision, and values were defined to ensure that this project would in fact be successful.  Steps are being taken to complete this new (and necessary) pipeline, and one thing is for sure—the sun won’t set on Sunoco.

Marsha Reisinger, Bravo Group, Pittsburgh Intern

[1] “Natural Gas Production is Saving Jobs in PA”
[2] “Scouring The World for Shale-Based Energy”
[3]  “Pipelines are Safest For Transportation of Oil and Gas”


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